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A Universal Philosophy of Pure Liberty, Natural Money, Aesthetic Ecology, and Value Validity Proofs of Peirce’s Pragmaticism and Abduction…

Truth in Virtue of Intentionality, Or, The Return of the Analytic-Synthetic Distinction, by Robert Hanna
“CHARLES SANDERS PEIRCE” by Josiah Royce, with W. Fergus Kernan

(Note)Extremely clear and concise ideas and graphs’ explications presented. (Exact Logic = Numbers = Analogical Graphs = A Universal Analogical Language of Genericity = Possibility of A Perceptual Wisdom of Analogical Pragmaticism)

“The upshot of the first phase of the proof(pragmaticism) is that logical goodness is goodness of inference and goodness of inference, which is validity, is to be understood as conformity to an ultimate end. This advances the proof because Peirce is interested in the nature of belief or assent insofar as it is voluntary. Voluntary belief is belief that is subject to the check of logical criticism through the criticism of inference. Since inference is a purposive activity which controls belief, belief in general must have a purpose. A reasonable conjecture, which Peirce makes, is that the nature of belief can be uncovered by finding out its purpose [36] and that its purpose can be understood by investigating the aim of reasoning in general.” Jeremiah McCarthy

Many following this blog may ask, “Why is he tying so much philosophy and physics in with his economics?” That’s a reasonable question and here’s the answer. Twenty-five years ago, I discovered an entirely new economic model possibility, for our ailing world. After several years of relaying my ideas, I came to realize I possessed no real(exact logic) mathematical proofs for my system, so I started searching, but where was I going to look, as I knew the world’s mathematics systems were so corrupted? Thinking it over, I decided physics may offer the best shot, because I could see the graphical models of their maths, but this proved a dead end as well, just as economic maths(the ergodicity problem, understood better at this site) had, earlier. Then I decided to return to my much earlier studies of philosophy, as I knew they contained the largest library of laws and mathematical ideas’ histories. Since I knew I couldn’t find the information elsewhere, I started re-stumbling through the past’s greatest and not-so-greatest philosophers.

The earliest ones turned out to be too metaphysical. Others, such as many Pythagoreans were far too secretive. I figured they must have known more. They really did, but I didn’t then recognize it, at first and second go-rounds. This search lasted from the mid-eighties to the present day, yet along the way I started seeing certain logical patterns emerging in my conceptualizations of what I was researching, especially in mathematical logics of all sorts, but still couldn’t put a true universal picture together of the exact math I was seriously looking for. One day, by happen-stance(first sign of abduction), I really don’t even know the details, as it was just a chance(yet logical) happening, but anyway, I came across an article, site or post about Charles Sanders Peirce, whom I never remembered at the time, hearing about, even though I later remembered being taught his ideas as a very young child(the mind works in strange ways_gramps was a Peircean as he graduated college when Peirce was at his height, around 1900). The logic of his writing style struck me at once(exacting logic). Who was this guy?

The more I read of his material, the more I wanted to read, as it fit so well with my own reasoning(a lifetime working in exact logic), so the quest began, somewhere in the early 2000’s, not quite sure when, exactly. First, I found his Arisbe site, and consumed every line of text. Knowing this was the largest amount of sound logic and reasoning I’d ever come across, I had to let it settle in. At the time I didn’t know who else could really be trusted to relay more modern analogies and criticisms of Peirce’s ideas, so I just let this line of research set, and returned to more of my economic and physics studies. After joining several academic groups about economics and other related social issues, but unable to further the mathematics needed, with these well educated actors, I stumbled into The Camden Philosophical Society, who just happened to be reading Rescher, who’s thought I learned, was founded on Peirce. One of the members was also a Peircean scholar, so we talked much, and he steered me to other original sources of Peirce’s ideas, yet they were all incomplete. Most only covered his ideas up to the 1880’s, and I was already interested in his later ideas, especially his E-graphs and final logics. Anyway, I got redirected to many links and secondary books, really great ones in Finland, which I’d used as good academic sources(economics mainly) in other areas earlier, but Finland had the largest sources of information on Peirce’s original and later ideas, so I fully consumed everything there___The Commons Dictionary was especially handy for figuring out all of Peirce’s complex terms. I also met a local physicist, who’d done early work based on Peirce’s mathematics, from his geodesic days. He still helps me with certain maths, but lacks the universal math functions I’m really after.

Of course, after intense intellectual work, one needs a break, so I took some time off doing other physical activities. A few months later I returned to my economic and physics projects. After finding a mathematics Post Doctorate from England on one of the forums, who just happened to be extremely brilliant, I decided to study some of the mathematicians he suggested. This was an extensive research covering everyone from the early Indians, Egyptians and Greeks, etc., to Huygens, Euler, Gauss, Boole, Jevons, De Morgan and many, many others, to Schroder, where I stumbled across Charles Sanders Peirce’s name, as one of the most important mathematicians and logicians in history. Most economists, mathematicians, logicians, philosophers and physicists had never heard of him, or at least denied they did, yet I later learned some of their works showed signs of Peirce’s terms and logic symbols. So, I started asking myself what was going on?

Well the story is one for the history books, not yet written, but I won’t go into all the details here, as I’ve already published some about this, and I’ve included many links in my past posts, which explain most of the hidden conspiracy. The point is, after realizing how important this one man is to modern history, space exploration, computer technologies or any of the numerous fields of science and knowledge, I threw myself whole-heartedly into a thorough study of one Mr. Charles Sanders Peirce, as I knew by now if anyone had the exacting mathematical answers I was seeking, it had to be him.

Since you’re probably wondering, by now, what mathematical problem I “was” trying to solve, I’ll not keep you on the hook any longer. It’s the ultimate universal systems’ mechanics actions’ math, whether political, social, economic, legal or philosophical and scientific. No-one in all my wanderings could even come close to giving me a satisfactory answer. Most, even the best PhD mathematicians and physicists, told me such math was impossible, or at the least not yet known, and they doubted it could ever be known, but I wouldn’t take no for an answer, as I’d already attempted such a new system of math myself. I achieved part of it, and the general direction I knew I had to go, but I also was stumped from the early 1980’s until about 2004. In fall and winter ’04-‘05 I discovered that universal quantifier logic was possible, but I only had a vague abductive(of course, at the time, I didn’t know I was using abduction_didn’t even know what it was) idea about it. I could solve for morality first, but couldn’t extend it further at the time, even though this seems rather backward. It’s just the way it happened. It may have just been the strong moralist stances of the groups’ members I was working with over that last two years___that seems very plausible, as the members usually defending my positions were extremely morally bent, in a good direction though.

Now, most would say; “Morality? What are you talking about?” I relayed this idea to a “Global Conference Group” first, without any success, although I knew the idea was sound. Not only couldn’t they understand what I said, they couldn’t even understand the possibility of the world being benignly computerized, in the not-so-distant future, to solve the world’s existing problems. Now, this puzzled me tremendously, as I knew my explanations were very clear. What was it about well-educated people who couldn’t understand basic logic? I’d never given it a thought before, as I’d spent a lifetime working daily in intuition, logics and maths___not even complex systems, yet I could see these people could not wrap their minds around simple logical concepts. I wouldn’t understand this problem until I delved much deeper into Peirce.

Well anyway, after ’04 and ‘05’s forays into the academic groups, my wife decided she wanted to sell our home. We sold, bought a truck and camper to spend winters in Florida, so this took up some of my research time... By this time I’d accumulated a considerable amount of notes, probably a few thousand pages. On the road, I continued editing and researching, but now mainly Peirce, as I knew somewhere in his massive amount of research, the answer was to be found, since he was the most intelligent mind I’d ever come across, by far. And this includes every historical great, as through the years, I’d read and studied them all, so my research since ’04 has been overwhelmingly on Mr. Peirce, and over the last year, nothing but___and that’s ten to twelve hours daily, seven days a week, as I, otherwise, have a completely free schedule.

You may ask, “What was my major clue the answer lied with Peirce?” Not one thing, other than the pragmatic maxim, as I knew just looking at it, it was universal logic, and sound exact logic at that, and that’s just what I was looking for, as I realized all true logic can be converted to math, which I did with the “Pragmatic Maxim”___ “The Triadic Maxim___Any Idea_Arithmetically check all possible effects, against all possible premises, and the combined results, will be the total actions, of the idea.”… And yes, I’d read all his relational logic material, and Zeman’s and Sowa’s E-graph explanations. I even have copies of Peirce’s logic book on this very computer, along with 2500 academic papers, and 25,000 other site links of Peirce, and related materials, as I checked the files about a week ago, to make sure I didn’t exceed hard drive capacity, and crash. I also came across Peirce’s name in Keynes' book, “A Treatise on Probability”, which is also on this computer. And further, I even have Huygens’ original probability logic sketch on this computer___the first truly sound statistical probability logic and math, as verses Beyes, Laplace and Kolmogorov’s special case analytic dyadic drivel when applied to the wrong concepts, such as genericity___Oh it works for special cases of particulars, but it’s not what I was looking for. I needed exacting universal proofs, and theirs just weren’t it.

It’s now been five years since making the first abductive Peirce related logic discovery’s applications, as relates to my quest for a complete universal relational logic and math, and only over the last few months have I assembled enough concepts, to complete my task. I am now ready to begin laying it out. First(see # order next paragraph), I’ll start with an in depth graphical representation of epistemology titled, “An Isomorphic/Ergodic Abductive Model of Aesthetic Perception”. Second, I’ll offer a graph titled, “A Triadic Cartesian Graph of Universal Logic Functions”. Third, will be an explication graph of pure liberty titled, “The Golden Ratio of True/Pure Liberty”. Fourth, will be an explication graph of global/national economics and liberty titled, “The World’s Position___Now…”. Fifth, will be an explication graph of global/national economics titled, “Worst Form of Communist Capitalism”. Sixth, and finally I’ll offer an explication graph of a best possible system, titled, “Best Middle-Way Model Capitalism.” These six graphs will give the complete exact logic proofs of all possible models of personal knowledge, government, law and socio-politico-economic systems’ logical and universal mathematical functions of genericity___from now, to the end of times. At the same time, the graphs will visually prove all of Charles Sanders Peirce’s “Pragmaticism” and “Abduction Logic”. It will all be self-explanatory, but I will offer a bit of contextual help.

Since I have no way at present(problem now solved_next paragraph) of storing these graphs live on the web, as my blog doesn’t allow live loads in my format, please e-mail me for the material at: and I’ll send them ASAP. Format is Microsoft Word Doc(now available in html, if you e-mail me)… May I suggest, you print out and organize these graphs thus; One to three descending down, in the order listed(use numbers on charts, not the chart and graph file name numbers, or order listed above_ #’s are in upper right corners of graphs and diagrams) above, with the fourth under these three. Now, set the fifth and sixth left, and right of the fourth. This gives the best visual observation/explication, in a clear global view, then the following text will make the most sense…

These graphs represent the entire continuum of the thoughts and actions of genericity, and the Golden Ratio clearly represents the entire continuum’s potentials and possibilities of liberty and freedom. These graphs also represent a genericity philosophy of an eclectic ‘utens/docens’ standpoint, i.e., a genericity between the universals and particulars. Genericity is a loose infinite standpoint of finiteness, or simply put, the logical musement standpoint of ‘Mother Wit’ and ‘Common Sensism’. Musement can also be exacting intelligence, when guided by logic. Genericity is the mean ground between universality, and particularity, required to eclectically, and thoroughly, understand all three, or as the Pythagoreans stated, “The Law of Mean Terms” - “The Triadic Principle”, is required to explain the extremes thoroughly. Only the nefarious analyticity of Aristotle ruined this beautiful triadic system of right thought, as only triadic genericity, properly joins the particulars and the universals, the one and the many, breadth and depth. Genericity is the isomorphism between universality and particularity___Exact and total truth requires the ‘Included Middle’ not the ‘Excluded Middle’ of Aristotle__Mathematicians require genericity to achieve the necessary isomorphisms of totalities, as modern arithmetic history has clearly shown. They need not be guided by the defunct ideas of ancient philosophers, dressing serious ideas in false clothes. Many mathematicians know the facts well, as they look into either universality of particularity, or particularity of universality, with genericity, to find either particularity of universality, or universality of particularity, then they unite them into exacted solutions, sometimes producing universal laws and formulas, so I think this line or reasoning quite important, don’t you? IMO, the premiere triad is ‘Universality’ – ‘Particularity’ – ‘Genericity’. Genericity allows one to place oneself in the highest eclectic ‘cupola’ of understanding, as all standpoints, except eclectic genericity, are corrupted by their self-dressed prejudices. Pragmaticism is also the eclectic genericity standpoint Peirce assumed, even though he never stated it exactly thus. It’s rather obvious he took the eclectic standpoint of genericity, when one views his entire life’s work, as he spoke so often about it, and especially since Thorstein Veblen, being his brightest and longest term student, and as we all know his position, was also deeply based in eclectic genericity, yet He was the genius founding father of America’s Institutional Economics School___Peirce influenced? It’s overly obvious... These graphs truly speak this genericity for themselves.

Example Graph[All graphs/graphics now exist here: Just scroll about half way down page to these numbered graphics #1 - #9  Click to enlarge]
(Requires Microsoft Word 5+)
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Let me start the explication of graph one, Epistemology, “An Isomorphic/Ergodic Abductive Model of Aesthetic Perception”. This is a valid general model of perception agency and her agents, that should be acceptable to all minds, as it’s already been checked by many others. If not, let me know what you may see differently. First, why isomorphic? Just ask yourself, “What does the mind do, when transferring external objects into perception, and representing them there?” You’ll quickly see this is a mathematical process, not perfectly isomorphic at first, as a percept, but secondarily as a perceptual judgment it is, as you concentrate on its particulars, as to parts and colors, but geometrically it’s represented isomorphically, and dimensionally it’s represented proportionally, thus it is the a priori actions of a fundamental, exacting, mathematical mapping perception. Next, you may ask, “What is ergodic?” If you picture a triangle, circle or square, without thinking, you’ll see a near perfect formation of any one within perception. Now, how could this be when you didn’t have anything to do with shaping it? Perception automatically shapes it to best fit___this is what I’m interpreting as ergodicity, or perception tends toward equilibriums, especially seen with the triangle, as I’ll bet it was seen first as being equilateral, the circle perfectly round, and the square perfectly square. And, if you didn’t do it consciously, what did? Perception is a priori naturally mathematically potentialized from birth, or even before. Next, you’ll probably ask, “What does abductive mean?” That’s the hardest to explain, but you’ve just witnessed one aspect of it. It’s the continuum(internal space) of the mind automatically functioning all on it’s own to assist you. It’s an automatic former-representer of ideas, objects, images and concepts, etc. Metaphysically put, it’s the silent logical Angel of your mind. Of course most know what aesthetics(core of the mind) means. It’s simply that which is admirable___the true, good and the beautiful___greatest good, best order, etc.(Since writing what abduction is, I’ve better seen what it truly is, just by writing and re-thinking this post. It’s the logical search and discovery of exact extra-logical(simply meaning new logic connections) truth. Abduction is also sometimes purely accidental, happen-stance and can also be totally random, but is always, at base, a logical search for extra-logical clues, to answer a logical quest, when one at least has a vague, or clear, idea of the exact quest at hand. Abduction is further a thorough exploration of logical mathematical imagination space(the entire continuum of thought storage, and the physical external world of facts_there are no magic continuum spaces_they’re all real physical and mental storage spaces___Only. IOW’s, there exist no real Angels of the continuum.), as a method of increasing the chances of clues toward an ultimate truth quest, is originally set by the investigator. I here simply described my own processes of scientific discovery, and it’s always been generally guided by the initial logical quest of finding the exacting universal logical arithmetic to prove my own ultimate, self-created, economic model. This is much as Peirce described it_One must have the ultimate purpose in hand for abduction to logically function, and one must be optimistic, holding to a zero state of prejudice, for abduction to succeed. It’s ultimately founded on the final effects of the purpose. BTW, it’s fully mathematizable from Peirce’s own Pragmatic Maxim, applied to the ultimate purpose of the goal_additions to the habits of universal rationality’s advance toward the ultimate aesthetic reality, i.e., self/world-improvement.) And finally, abduction is also, seeing from exact logic, to exact logic, with exact logic. And, abduction is also, seeing from musement, to musement, with musement. In other words, abduction is the eclectic triadic functions of the mind, soul and muse.)

Next is “The Abductive Choice Function_Psychology or Logic = Aesthetics and/or Mathematics.” This is another function of abduction. That is to operate as the universal choice functioning/functioner of the mind and will, between your choice of being or using psychology, or logic bases of personality, which can be further interpreted as aesthetic and/or mathematical functions of personality choices. You simply abduct(draw) from the continuum(mind’s internal space) what you wish your personality to be, that is ‘iff’(if and only if) you are aware of the possibility to be either, or both at once, which would be choosing to be and have an eclectic(many worlds/subjects) personality. Next, “Perception is a 3D Geo-Metric processing engine. Concepts isomorphically map to higher concepts. Truth tends toward truth until it tends away.” Most of this is now self-explanatory, except possibly the last sentence about truth. This is the deep part of truth most are not even aware of. It’s when you are deep in thought trying to solve a conceptual problem, and you just can’t get there. That’s because the better nature(green), and the higher nature(red) of your mind are in conflict, without you even realizing it, so the truth you are looking for tends to evaporate. To avoid this dilemma you must cash your ideas through the opposite states of your own mind, that is, check your higher nature ideas through your better nature ideas, and vise versa. Then you’ll be more satisfied with the results.

Before proceeding to explain the graph’s text boxes further, I’d probably best explain the overall main graphic, which is keyed in the upper left corner. The double headed arrow is as it says, and the single headed arrow is also as it says. Epistemologically(self-scientific thinking), the mind’s mechanics between perception agency and its agents are usually represented through inferences(in motions of ideas, concepts, thoughts, etc.), as the arrows depict. Here I refer to the inferences as simple transductions, inductions and out-ductions, for a larger communities’ easier understanding. In this entire graphic I veer none at all from Charles Sanders Peirce’s, long ago, written and published epistemics(usually relayed as signs-semeioses). I’m simply using a facsimile language. Much of this epistemics is available at numerous sources on the web, especially at the Arisbe site, DigitalPeirce site and Finland’s Commons site. A Google search will quickly find them. As to perception, I fully agree with Peirce, “All perceptual content must be first presented to the mind from external sources”, even the internal feelings, to feel, as they’d have nothing to feel about, without outside input, even personal internal pain, as it’s actually outside perception, as the brain doesn’t really feel, except of course, headaches, then that’s just nerves and muscles interfering with each other. Thus the main point is the ground inductions arrow feeding into eye/brain/perception are what they are either passively or actively, and out-ductions are what you either will the body to do, or the verbalizations of, whether writing, talking, physical actions, or body language. Internally, as the arrows show, transductions take place between all essence agents and perception agency, either passively, or active willing of. The largest content of mind is passive content through the action of the eyes and nature’s automatic memory storage. We can’t control this, unless we keep our eyes purposely shut all the time, but then that wouldn’t be very much fun, now would it? It’s mother nature’s compliment to our brain’s mechanics, and most likely where most intuition, epiphany, lucid visions, insight, creativity, and imagination content is generated, by the transducted actions of the agents information moves, integrations, and or separations’ spill-overs or willed actions of, as to creativity and imagination.

It may seem complex, but it’s really quite a simple engine of one beautiful nature’s mechanics. Realize this is just a general model, and I may not have included all the pieces. If you see some missing pieces, let me know and I’ll correct the graphic. The agents’ transductions can actually function through the abductive processes, repeating the circuits of idea, concept and hypothesis formations many times over, but the final results are what is always presented to perception(perception actually tracks most transductions, but abductions often start too vague for us to fully track), and when you use perceptual judgment, what you see is what you know. Knowing is just that simple, and that’s all there is to it. I would just suggest using your perceptual judgment of serious issues from the better nature agents of your brain. As you may have noticed, the green areas represent the better nature. The red represent the higher nature. Yellow represent the change agents, and purple represent the survival instincts, and negative capacities. All these agents really function as one whole mind/brain, when operating properly, yet we, as epistemic scientists, separate the agents to understand their monadic, dyadic and triadic + functions. I’ll not go into all the functions, as the article would be too long, but the information is all available at the Peirce sites mentioned, plus at several Digital Peirce sites.

The eternal universal cycle of truth may throw you off, but it’s just the total continuum’s (internal and external) time of evolutional radiation decay, and re-evolution re-emergence___It’s the total cosmology of the continuum(really quite complex, when taken to the quantum and relative levels_not necessary here). I’ve included it in this epistemic perception model, as it will play a role in the later graphs, and it is the origin of all we think and are. The eclectic union of the whole is the greatest good and best order of all things possible, just as the Greeks long ago described, and is descended from the mechanics of the total trigonometric mathematics of the entire continuum(real internal abstract space, thinking and logic of internal memory’s ideas, and external observations of, in relation to perception’s self-a-priori mathematical potentials and functions). As you may have noticed, I’d written, perception is creativity’s core. Yes, the agency itself is creative intelligence plus, that is, along with our help. Creativity is a lot of hard work though, but none of it escapes perception’s eye, as I’ve experienced this aspect all my life, since my entire local and extended family is extremely competitive, and I well remember the hard work of creative competition and extensive practice, practice, practice... That seems to finish up this graph’s explanations. Any questions, pleas e-mail me:

Excuse me, but there’s one further box of text that should be mentioned here, “Two World’s_The Existing Real & The Aesthetical Ideal…” I forgot I’d actually added this to this graph due to space deficiency on the next graph, where it really belongs, so I’ll give an explanation here. To some, it may be self-evident, but to most, they may have no idea what I mean, so the two world’s I’m referring to, if I may use such language, are the semantic and the pragmatic spheres of knowledge and action, and its two divisions of the real world, here and now, we actually live in, and the possible world we could live in, if the semantic weren’t so parasitic on the pragmatic, or the other way around if your mind works best that way. By this I’m referring to the Capitalist Conspiracy Against Capitalism by the globe’s over-profiting/over-greedy corporations’, suppressions and exploitations of all else___The Over-Development of Under-Development, we’ve all witnessed over the last forty years. We used to have a constitution of the people, by the people, for the people. We now have a constitution of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations, and little liberty left over for the average citizens. This isn’t just in America, it’s, contract-wise, the globe over. This my friends must change…! Take Back America___We Need You!!!

Next I’ll present a further explication of the second graph titled, “A Triadic Cartesian Graph of Universal Logic Functions(Copulas)”. This graph is the first one I actually drew, to represent the logical functions of morality’s actions and influences over time, actually a tria-chronic time-span. It has been explained here: LINK I’ll just offer the most recent interpretations’ additions. This graph is more easily understood with the trigonometric mathematics representations of the next four graphs, since they clearly show the universal proportional mathematics necessary for this graph’s easier explication, but I present it second, as this is the best fit order of an overall explication, due to other factors, since it actually deals with the simpler concept of morality, which is closer linked to the first graphic. For centuries social scientists and mathematicians have said it’s impossible to mathematize morality, but they never read and or realized Peirce’s normative science’s categorical functions’ powers. Peirce clearly showed where all epistemic agents of the entire mind/brain fit together and function(best order). Morality(greatest good), of our better nature, can be updated to and through aesthetics(true, good, beautiful), ethics(rationality) and logic(highest nature), which gives it its mathematic function(overall best order). These agents, at their highest levels, are all isomorphic(map one to one, in certain aspects, and mean identity) with one another, thus the highest level of morality, personal liberty, can be pushed up the line through aesthetics, ethics and to logic. Of course, this only functions for the genericity of moral liberty(which actually covers the liberties of all the better natures, even the liberty of love, compassion and empathy), but that’s all I need for later showing total global systems’ functions, as the best order(best organization of global systems mechanics to achieve aesthetic outcomes, which will defend the better natures) is all I’m after, and should satisfy all feelings concerned, as the best feelings are the best(tautology, but anyway). The proportionality maths(whether geometry, algebra, trigonometry or calculus doesn’t matter, as they all work, from the simplest to the most complex, as genericity exhibits, many place space, isomorphisms) of the next graphs clearly relates all these real universal actions, with exacting universal logic functions, and Peirce’s Pragmatic Maxim, or my Triadic Maxim of, clearly inter-relates all the exact logic functions, and exact maths necessary, for proofs of all the graphs’, real world, value validities.

Peirce’s pragmatic maxim is the total triadic trigonometric, universal algorithm, to solve all world problems. (The continuum’s mathematical habits_Key – ultimate model interpretant.) As you may have noticed, Peirce’s ‘habits’ is mentioned in the graph. IMO, this is what thoroughly stumped the greatest mind of all centuries. He knew the evolution of the entire universe was represented by his idea of ‘taking on habits’, but when it came to proving his pragmatic principle, he failed to link habits to the continuum’s exact abductive universal math function, which his own categories contain, and also the fact that he was well aware of Kant’s a priori continuum exact math functions, or was he?. This is actually unbelievable to me, why he, or anyone since, hasn’t seen this glaringly obvious omission. Peirce worked on abduction for most of his life, yet failed to see it already written on the very top of his categories list(scroll down to Chiasson's list), he so faithfully believed in. To me, it’s next to impossible he, or the entire world, could have missed this link, for most a hundred years, as it solves all the proofs of his Pragmatic Maxim and Abduction, when thoroughly explicated, with these offered graphs. With this abductive realization, I’ve been able to create the Universal Logic and exacting Geometry/Trigonometry represented in five of the six graphs. The ultimate model interpretant Peirce searched for was the continuum’s mathematical habits’ equilibriation, as here represented in humanity’s exact mathematical habits link, to the continuums(internal and external), just as Kant described in his Metaphysics of Law at: LINK .
The ultimate goal is to improve the law, by the additions of rationality of habits, just as Peirce otherwise described, thus being an addition to the existing body of liberty’s arithmetic potential, for the benefit of all the citizens.

Keynes’s/Godel’s/Hintikka’s natural intuitive probability logic is the only valid universal logic possible, to use with Socrates'/Peirce’s semantic/pragmatic triadic logic, to complete a true knowledge web. What I’m referring to is the possibility of building the new knowledge systems, making use of the knowledge these graphs represent. It’s really quite more than I had even expected, as every day, more pops out at me, from the graphs___Universals everywhere. So many present universal formulas can be used in new ways I’m afraid to start mentioning them all, as it seems I’d never end. Newton’s laws can be substituted many places in the next graphs, and this one as well. Einstein’s equation can be reworked(same setup, just different meanings for the letters) to work with Pythagoras’ and Archimedes universal formulas, when applied to these graphs’ quants and qualias, and the list goes on and on___So many isomorphic(most universals seem to be, in many ways, isomorphic_future investigations will verify) connections, it’s unbelievable. This graph also represents the ability to figure all the quants’ and qualias’ functions necessary to solve most all present global problems, especially when combined with the next four. Was, is and ought models are now easily universally quantified and qualified, even just by simply looking at the graphs, and using simple deductions and inductions of the general proportional trigonometric observations, when applied to total systems logic of possible and potential changes. All changes lie between the mean extremes, thus are easily mathematized, proportionally___Exactly.

The aesthetic growth of universal rationality and liberty, function as the primary impetus of the triadic, trigonometric, isomorphic continuum. This is the main point Peirce missed, when looking for his proof. The math functions of his habits of rationality’s increase existed in the isomorphic continuum(internal and external, vague and exact logic, information sources), all along. By just looking at the social functions of historical logic’s advance through liberty, money and law, it’s very clear to the trained economic eye, and the graphs should make it clear to any sound mind. The historical goal of liberty’s rational increase is a mathematical progression toward an ultimate goal of true and pure liberty___The greatest good and the best order(already laid out by the GR graph). From that trigonometric continuum we can abduce the final state from its necessary split equilibrium function, of two people having and sharing equilibriated liberty, just as Kant long ago showed. This triadic mathematical function has been there since the early Greeks first created the triads of math, and the Golden Ratio. Peirce’s key to finding it should have been his categorical normative science of aesthetics, and especially it clearly being headed by mathematics, but “Oh well…”

Law and The Choice of, Are the Logic Functions of All Living and Non-Living Truth Systems___Potential All. Most of the world has been raised with the myth that money is the root of all evil. The truth is, it takes law to make money, money, therefore; Law is the true root of all evil, if anyone must look at it that way. I prefer to be more positive. This is why I’ve stated the above. When one looks at the base foundations and functions of law and ethics, thoroughly, one is struck by the utter lack of non-clarity of ethics’ true function through the years, with all its overly-obvious injustices. What I’m saying is, the world has made a great “standpoint mistake” since Aristotle’s inception of his ethics’ grounding in “rational docens” at the expense of “rational utens”, i.e., state value views against the natural. All religious systems’ views have also made this same mistake, by overly respecting rationality of state, or ancient ‘god/metaphysical’ law, in Aristotle’s and Hegel’s cases, and overly respecting the potential morality of far too ‘godly’ a citizens, in Scotus’ and Kant’s cases, when ethics should have been truly and soundly founded in and on the eclectic view of “aesthetics’ utens/docens”. By the processes thus far tried, we end with no more of a system of ethics than that which unduly victimizes citizens, either from the over-worship of state values, or the over-worship of moral values, creating nothing, at base, other than a true value invalidity of such ethics. It’s mainly due to money’s present and ancient powers’ influence on even our modern psyche, and this, my friends, must change. We need “A New Universal Philosophy___Aneology___of Eclectic ‘Rational Aesthetic Utens’ and ‘Rational Aesthetic Docens’”.

The Isomorphic Logic of All Truth Systems_All Possible Potential. This line is just meant to clarify these graphs’ potential___the amount of inter-relational mathematics potentials is amazing, and growing, even to my mind, every day. I’d have to say, it’s all(a truly better world) possible, as long as our thoughts conform to the eclectic ideals of aesthetic ethics and logic, and are in agreement with our better nature’s rational eclectic ideals. Who wouldn’t want “the admirable” to finally safely rule the world?

X/X=1+E-->E=1/5X These two formulas are explications of philosophical and economic problems I came across while researching my necessary maths. X/X=1+E stands for any object X divided by itself X, is actually 1+E, i.e., itself plus extensionality, i.e., it’s quantum extensions. I developed it to solve the relativeness problems pervading the society of academics and elsewhere. Having it imply E=1/5X, which is actually my solution formula for economics, is my way of showing another hidden isomorphic abduction, where one would not expect to find one. I realized that a nation divided by itself, could only be set right again by such a powerful universal formula as E=1/5X, (please, must read this money system post to understand article and graphs) LINK where E stands for economic perfection(as near as we can come) equals a 1/5th computerized international/national law control of all global financial exchanges/transactions(including currencies), in order to safely rebalance the other 4/5ths, allowed to stay free. The last three graphs clearly show these functions’ possibilities, and an explication of a new system graph exists here: LINK . This next truth speaks for itself; “The Highest Probability, of The Highest Possibility, Is The Only Possibility. The Highest Possibility, Is Now Absolutely Necessary For Our Very Survival.”

The next graph I wish to take up is titled, “The Golden Ratio and True/Pure Liberty”. The link is here: LINK How this graph idea came to me is really a bit of a mystery, but my best recollection was when researching a link of Peirce’s triadic studies, that led to the Pythagoreans Triadic Principle and Law of Mean Terms. That investigation triggered an intuitive or abductive curiosity about figuring out the actual makings of the Golden Ratio and the Golden Mean, and this graph is the result. But, just by making it, I abductively linked the ideas of mathematical liberty, then later still, found Kant’s mathematical liberty article. All really quite bazaar, as I’d gone to the drug store to buy a compass and straight edge, actually a large protractor, to build the Golden Ratio just as the Greeks had done___compass and straight edge only. I came home, down in Ft. Pierce, Florida last February and sat down to draw my GR. Just this second though, I first noticed Ft. Pierce as being closely related to Peirce’s name, yet never before did, even though I was doing work on Peirce there all winter. I don’t know, it’s probably because the town’s so old hat to me, as I attended the 3rd grade there in 1953-54. Still, that’s pretty strange.

Anyway, I only had this drawn in pencil on paper until about a month ago, when I transferred it to a Word Doc. This was when I noticed the liberty explication potential, and really couldn’t believe it, but the more I looked, the more it made sense___It worked, and worked good, almost too good, as a friend and fellow researcher so told me. This was when I got to wondering how far this graph could go, then I realized it could go all the way to explicating all the universal exact logic(exact logic is numbers, and in this case, as relates to extremal, minimal and center means, as these graphs clearly show) maths I had needed since the early 1980’s. This just got more amazing the more I worked with it. I researched all the early Greek maths and symbols on Wikipedia for about a week, and found Kepler’s Triangle, also based on the GR. Now, I really had the graphic tools I needed to go to work, and to work I did go. This is why the red triangle is laid under the green Golden Mean area. Anyone can look up how it’s all done on Wikipedia(a safe enough source for general pre-knowledge). I’ll not go into that explanation. What I want to concentrate on is how it represents all forms of liberty possible; best, to two or more states of worst, and all possible states between, with the proper national and global statistics(available at C.H.I.P.S. and the B.I.S., plus the I.M.F., World Bank, Comptroler of Currency, and Office of Management and Budget, etc.) added.

When liberty functions within the GM area as a Golden Variable, all societies function at their best, as all persons are treated the fairest by the variable equilibriated liberty potential the GM offers. All persons’ personalities have enough liberty to function happily, and all state functions operate to the levels of highest efficiencies, for all concerned. When the GM varies too far above the upper GR line, it heads for dictatorships or autocracies, the unwanted conditions. When the GM varies too far below the GR line, it heads for communist type states and mob rule, the other unwanted conditions. These are both the states of too free a freedom of liberty, which means there’s a Golden Mean of best function between these extremes, which operates between these two worst means, which is clearly illustrated in the graph. This graph can also represent a best case Keynesianism, as is illustrated. Where exactly this best possible state of liberty lies within the GM is less important, as long as it doesn’t lie outside it, where the oppressions and exploitations begin taking place, inordinately, or inside in a state of being far too strict a social contract law structure of nefarious liberty, coercing everyone’s liberty___so it really can be just about as bad when too strict, as when too free___both must be guarded against. I’m only looking for the genericity of the best conditions, not the perfection, that we all know does not exist, so the graph offers all I needed to continue to my next step.

The fourth graph titled, “Worst Form of Communist Capitalism”. The link is here: LINK I’ve called it communist capitalism because actually all systems operate on money, and even communism, in its worst days, was still living off capitalist doggy-bags, by speculating against her. It makes it much easier to communicate if we throw away the useless ideologies, so done with them. As you may see, this graph exhibits hard mathematical relationships of definite power change potentials. The math represented is Pythagoras’ theorem. It can be handled algebraically through the Pythagorean Theorem, or geometrically through the additions of the areas of squares, or trigonometrically through its angles. All three maths are isomorphic, i.e., totally map to each’s functions, and give the same universal answers of exact arithmetic logic, as applied to genericity’s proportionalities. So, we’ve finally arrived at the core of the mathematics that functions for all our graphs, except the first, but I haven’t yet attempted to apply it to the perception graph. I’ll get to that at a later date.

This graph is talking about power relationships, social contracts and the liberties of, power shifts, and three distinctly represented groups; governments, corporations and elites, and people or citizens. All these graphs are designed to show the genericity conditions of all maximum, minimum and center states of societies’ faults and potentials. As this worst case communism capitalism shifts over time between kakistocracy and mob rule, it squashes the liberties of the corporations and elites, thus in turn finally squashing the liberties of all, as we all know China’s system did. This is the worst case Marxism and clearly shows the sliding incentive time scales of history, when compared against the next two graphs, and all other proportional possibilities, over time, between these three graph state conditions, and any proportional conditions between these listed.

The next graph is titled, “The World’s Position___Now…” The link is here: LINK It represents the worst possible state of, yet functioning, Keynesian capitalism, as autocracies, dictatorships, nationalisms, national socialisms, and any other bad forms of capitalism. This is a state when corporations are far too strong and governments are either far too strong and or far too weak. This was represented by Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany, as well as it is now by most of the world’s terrible economies, which the $684 trillion of derivatives guarantees to get worse, far worse. As you can see the problem is the sanctity of contracts, nationally and internationally, as all must pay their bills, yet can’t, so all liberties will be required to shrink, until the core problem of imbalanced currency rates is, finally, fully addresed. When the corporations assume almost all the powers of law and liberty, as they have certainly now done, the people/citizens are squashed out of all chances of their liberty’s advance, unless new law structures are emplaced, which the last graph will be about. The graph really speaks for itself, so I’ll go on to the last graph.

The final graph is titled, “Best Middle-Way Model Capitalism”. The link is here: LINK Now you see more of the balances of everyone’s liberty, such as the third graph, The Golden Ratio, represented___these two graphs function as one whole, as the best system possible___the ultimate rational system___The ultimate goal of humanity. This is the ideal state of liberty conditions we are all striving for. It’s that magical continuum Angel Charles Sanders Peirce spent his entire life looking for. This is where all his logic and maxims come into full play. I could never have drawn these graphs without the genius of Peirce’s ideas and exacting logics. This graph offers the social contract sustainability and value validity we’ve all been looking for. It’s not only the culmination of my life’s work, as well as possibly that of Peirce in purpetuity, but I dare say that of many great minds of little Ol’ Planet Earth. It offers all the exact universal formulas, international financial contract possibilities, through international exchange clearing, 'bancor' banking, emergency labor banks, trade and basic income potentials. At the least, they are now in your viewing potential, and I don’t think you’ll ever be able to rid yourself of this greatest of abductively derived continuum gifts.

This is triadic abductive logic at its most powerful use. Archimedes 'center of mass' universal formula is offered, to properly re-balance all our global economies. Just let L stand for liberty and M for money. Archimedes is still capable of balancing the world with a lever, because that’s as simple a math as it takes to solve the entire world’s worst problems. Throw in a bit of geometry, algebra and trigonometry, and the job is done. Charles Sanders Peirce foresaw the power of his Pragmatic Maxim and Abductive Logic, but he may never have dreamed how simple the final answer would be. These are the best case triadic computational algorithms for a best case Greek/Kantian/Peircean/Keynesianism. What do you think?


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