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Major Monetary Reform

"Here's the intro to a book I e-published back in the early `90's, and since deleted. I found this still on the web, when I did a recent search, and thought it quite applicable today. As a matter of fact, I think I'll edit and update that old book, as it's still extremely relavent, if not some of the most important ideas in existence___but I shouldn't blow my own horn so much___yet it's really mainly others ideas of our more hidden history..."

Internal Exchange Clearing
Introduction - A Rewrite of Capitalism - Major Monetary Reform

Lloyd Gillespie - Rockland - ME - US (1991)

A Global Monetary Paradigm of Economic Liberty
I would like to speak to you about a most serious matter... I think you might like to be warned. Your government is on the wrong path. I have recently discovered incontrovertible evidence of a giant misstep in history. History's disconnection of calculus (Newton and Leibniz) and exchange clearing (Plato) have not found an obvious compatibility. The union of Newtonian calculus and Platonic exchange clearing can entirely reshape history and the modern world.

History's misstep, mentioned above, has brought on the multi-trillion dollar robbery now taking place in all nations on planet Earth. This particular robbery can not be ended by conventional means due to an unconventional turn in economic evolution. The world's collective inertial transactions, and law's loss of validity evolution, have brought about this dire situation. Law and economic evolution began taking on its present bizarre dynamic with the advent of the first Euro-dollar in 1949, under the actions of the Chinese government. The market continued to grow to its present state, of most the size of the entire American economy. This is a most, uncontrolled, onshore-offshore, tax haven market. The Euro-dollar system market was extremely exaggerated and expanded by the death of the Bretton Woods system, in 1971, under President Richard Nixon's stewardship. The combination of these two major events has led to the deregulation fiasco we are now witnessing. There are reasons this must and will continue under present conventional wisdom.

This report will give a summary introduction and outline the tenets of the major topics. `Internal Exchange Clearing' is a two part book including a part written at a later date than the first. The second part is titled `Perception' - Iron Words-Paper Lies. The two above titles have been blended together into one work, which was originally planned. The combined work consists of five major parts:

The National Economy - America's Tailspin
Government - A Vision of State
Science - The Scientific Age
The World Economy - Creative Monetary Systems and Future Paradigms
Internal Exchange Clearing - A Monetary Proposal to Create Voluntary World Capitalism

The national economy is of course the greatest concern to the largest number of people. Under conventional wisdom, I do not have good news to report, however; under unconventional wisdom, I have excellent news. First, the bad news - "The problem is bigger than any of you could even begin to guess!" Our lives are being dominated by blips and glitches on computer screens. The computer has learned how to rob the existing capitalist system and can't be stopped - A new system is required. Only unknown markets will function - known markets will not function, under computerized capitalism. Capitalism's unknown market function factor results in, "To know is to Die!" The day the computer predicts - "The market Dies"! We are fast approaching this day. The point we are presently at is a slow, debt death by global computerized robbery, reducing the energetic capacities of the national economy. The explanations of the complexities involved in the above, on a scale of from one to ten, are a strong fifteen, however; a simplified overview can be stated. The past forty years of transactions, technology and legal evolution has culminated in the collision of market needs, desires and abilities. The needs of societies, the desires of speculators and the abilities of the systems involved to supply the wishes of these two diverse communities of people. The foreign, floating, forward exchange and synthetic forward exchange markets, manipulated by speculators and computers, are in the vanguard of America's and the entire world's problems. The easiest way I can think to simplify this introductory report is to interject a priority outline. A priority outline will show the degree of importance I place on all the subjects in the entire book, as this is an outline of the most important, to the least. Such an outline will also quickly make clear the general content. The priority outline is as follows:

Priority Outline
Internal Exchange Clearing - A Global Monetary Paradigm of Economic Liberty - E=1/5 X
Perception - Iron Words-Paper Lies - A Rewrite of Capitalism - Major Monetary Reform
The World Economy - Creative Monetary Systems and Future Paradigms
Internal Exchange Clearing - A Monetary Proposal to Create Voluntary World Capitalism
Law - The State's Survival Sovereignty
Economic Laws - Iron Laws of The Invisible Hand
The World Banking System and Forward Exchange - The Computerized Machiavellian Banker's Plutocracy
Credit - The Iron Weed - Key to Economics
Foreign Exchange - The Global Interlocked Finance Puzzle
The Euro Dollar System - The Ghost of Finance
Printing Press - Sky Pilot of The Wild Stallion Printing Press
Inflation - The Key to Capitalism's Chastity Belt
Speculation - The Bear Swallows The Eagle
Debt - Ol' Man Kondratief and Economic Winter
Economic History - The Eyes of History
The National Economy - America's Tailspin
Government - A Vision of State
Marxism - A Mosquito On The Elephant, Capitalism
Markets - Real Power Is The Market - Framework Is Its Control
Trade - The Free Market Myth - The Free Trade Dreamland
Nations - Timing of Infrastructures
Labor - The World's Imbalance of Wages, Exchange Rates and Credit
Future Economic Systems - The Fate of The Free World
Greed - The World Casino of Greed - Life
Environment - The Invisible Chain of Life
Science - The Scientific Age
Robotics and Computers - Transition to The Iron Man Work Age
Farming - World Agriculture Deflation and Cannibalism?
War and Weapons - The Golden Fleece - The Devil of War
Physics - Blueprint of The World Unified Field Theory
Education - A Unity of Knowledge
History - The Eternal Recurrence
Philosophy - The Puzzle of Life - The Eternal Puzzle - The Circle
Intellect and Wisdom - The Intellectual Pillars of Earth
Reason, Truth and Logic - The Citadel of Self
Ethics - The Ark of Universal Morality and Ethics
Morality - The Spirit of Humanity - The Spirit of Humility
Soul - Lifting The Veil of Darkness From The Soul
Culture - The Tear In The American Eagle's Eye
Anthropology - The Anthropological Dynamics of Earth and Nations
Psychology - America - The World's Mental Experiment

As you can see, the above outline reveals an intricate detailed synopses of the entire project. It is clear I consider the world economy and monetary system the most important entity, controlling all other aspects of America's, and the rest of the world's national economies, since the outline is based on hegemonic and suzeraintic monetary control from top to bottom. An outline of the actual order of the entire book is included in a section titled, `Perception' - Iron Words-Paper Lies. I have included these outlines because the subject is more complex than the average economic treatise, since it involves the transition from one monetary system to another - A completely new and, yet unknown, system.

Now, returning to the opening paragraph, I will make generally clear what is meant. The history of nations' loss of schools of thought has often been mentioned by classical historians, and here we have a prime example. The misstep in history is, not realizing calculus, once invented by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz, could be used to solve economics' most daunting problem, as stated by Plato some 2400 years ago. Plato clearly explained how an exchange clearing system would function if it became possible to design such a system. Since the time of Newton and Leibniz, it has been economically feasible and intellectually possible to unite these two schools of thought, yet thus far they have not been. I would ask why, but I have already discovered far too many blind spots in history, although this one is the most crucial to the nation's and planet's health and well-being.

By conceptualizing Egypt as a society functioning under a monetary system of `Internal Exchange Clearing', which I am proposing, we can more clearly understand what I am explaining. I will categorically state Egypt functioned, unknowingly, under a system of `Internal Exchange Clearing', and it will be proved in later sections. The above is the giant disconnection between the past and the present. The monetary problem of inflation and debt should have been resolved when Newton and Leibniz made it possible. It was not, and we are now living its pain.

Any good spreadsheet, such as the one I am using, (MS Excel 4.0, Windows) or other capable, mathematical, computer programs, in one of the basic languages, can be used to solve the calculus problems presented. The formula for the center of mass to figure the economic numbers required is:[home page (formula not linked)] The summation limits actually belong above and below the summation sign. Ami Pro is giving a little trouble on this complex formula. For all the rest of its power, we will have to excuse it. The above formula figures a weighted average of the transactions numbers we feed in. In this way, the balance of the entire monetary system, and its potentials, with given quantities, can be accurately measured. Our same spreadsheet can be used to further prove our conclusions, with its powerful statistics' functions.

The modern world of computers can be helpful, and damaging, at the same time. On the one hand, we can create the world's problems with computers, while on the other, we can solve these same problems with computers. This has been much the history of the world - Yin and Yang.

The above formula can be used to prove the mathematical viability, and abilities of `Internal Exchange Clearing', to eliminate inflation, reduce debts, and balance the national and entire world monetary systems. This is the goal that all governments and nations have sought since the dawn of organized societies. The nay-sayers will argue the impossibilities of such a system's possibility or viability until doomsday. There is always a group who says the Earth is flat or planes can not fly. They can not argue with the numbers. The numbers defeat their pessimism, hands down. Most of these same people understand nothin about calculus or statistics, even though they hold valid degrees stating they do. If they care to do the numbers, they will find the truth.

`Internal Exchange Clearing' is a major empirical discovery by myself over the course of some twenty-five year's research. It will take you on an extensive voyage of discovery and explanation covering the profundities and proclivities of national and world markets, past, present, and future. Topics will be laid out from the simple to the complex. Graphs and diagrams will be used to help explain the complex. If your education background does not cover all the subjects and topics mentioned, you can acquaint yourself with the tools you will need by reading several good books on banking and international finance. I would suggest “Barron's International Finance”, “Barron's Dictionary of Banking Terms”, and any of Paul Einzig's or Igon Sohmen's works on international finance, and forward exchange markets, as I am in agreement with these respected works. There are many fine books on the explanations of monetary system mechanics, easily found by accessing most any university library's extensive database. They contain a wealth of information on the above subjects.

The union of Newtonian calculus and Platonic exchange clearing can entirely reshape history and the modern world. You can not possibly imagine the possibilities that exist in the above statement, copied from the original paragraph. All around the world, we see nation after nation being destroyed by currency devaluation competition, hyper-inflation, and massive un-repayable debts. I sincerely ask you, is this sad state of affairs eternally necessary, or will we awaken to the new realities proposed in this book?..... I am not sure, myself, but one thing is certain - If we do not awaken, we will perish. Therefore, I beseech you to take me seriously, and understand what is being discussed and theorized.

Just ask yourself - Is inflation necessary? This is the central tenet around which the larger themes and theories of this work revolve. Since time immemorial, we have been told again and again by many a historian, history was the history of inflation, and always would be. I guess, always would be, on the end, because no one ever suggested a way to end this vicious demon. For the first time in history, a blueprint to end inflation is being offered. Will the world be interested…?

In the final analyses, we must all ask ourselves, why? Why has life taken place and what has been its meaning? Could I have discovered more? Most will enter the grave never knowing. Many will enter never caring. All will have been granted the chance of knowing! I bid you enjoyment on your voyage of discovery.