Sunday, June 28, 2009

The True Revolutionary...

(A note to a friend...)

(New June 29) The Future of the American Dream, by William Greider

“It is always dangerous to spread an alarm of danger unless the prospect of success be held out with it, and that not only as probable, but naturally essential”. Tom Paine

As to being too alarmist, it's just the point that it dis-infranchises the ideas you want to get across. In order to reach the near un-reachable, one must speak a language they can relate to. No one with a sensible mind relates to FEAR, as most intelligent people realize that 'iff' let go far enough in the bad/present state of evolutional conditions, the people in America will eventually awake and RISE UP, but we haven't reached that point yet, nor anywhere's near it, even though your fears may think we have. I agree it's easy to see your point of view, but you are denying the power-resilience of the American spirit, when finally pressed against the wall. When we have a complete collapse of capitalism, which isn't far off, then and only then, will ALL the people awaken and RISE UP. Until that point, most intelligent people, whether of the folk or academic elite, are content with the knowledge of final necessity of repair, when absolutely necessary. You can't beat this mentality, because they KNOW they are right, no matter how much FEAR is thrown at them___They KNOW you can't beat TRILLIONS of DOLLARS with words___UNLESS, you CREATE a sensible state of APORIA. That's why it's best to beat them in their own game, the core of their own beliefs, and not the core of your own beliefs. Even Tom Paine was well aware of this, and he was the greatest, most successful, revolutionary ever on earth. HE SUCCEEDED, with working from the core of OTHER out, and I see no other way. REMEMBER, OTHER is who you are fighting, not YOURSELF...!

This is why I keep trying to tell you, it's the core analogical dialectics, to produce 'Aporia' that's needed, then REALIZATION comes automatically___NOT FEAR, but TRUTH. That's what Tom Paine developed, and no other person on earth has realized___not Marx, not Lenin, not Mao___the difference between CREATING the revolutions, or following them. They simply fell into pre-existing revolutionary conditions, and made the best of it. Tom Paine CREATED the revolutions, SINGLE-HANDEDLY, with simple 'ANALOGICAL APORIA DIALECTICS'... Two new biographical books about Tom Paine clearly show the power of this one mind. Even the greatest men's letters of these times verify the power of Tom Paine's mind, in single-handedly creating these revolutions. There's never been anything like it in history, except the negative dialectics of Jesus Christ, since that just produced all the foolish religious wars. These two new books show more about the anatomy of a


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