Monday, October 13, 2008

The Entire Global Market Law System Is Broken___Throwing Good Money After Bad Law Makes No Sense…!

"Derivatives' Debt Gobbles Gov. Credit..."
“Triage needed___Band-aids offered…”

"The house of fundamental monetary truths shows the monetary system's spiritual hand of greed controls all life through money. Furthermore, the world is a gambling casino of greed designed and sanctioned by God. Money is the mind of the spirit. The bankers are the dealers. Government is the laws and we are the hands playing the cards of greed. This my friends must change!!!

"Without a full understanding of the functioning of forward markets, all discussion of exchange rate policy must remain seriously deficient." Egon Sohmen

"The general public live in blissful ignorance of the whole subject of finance and of the manner in which the wealth of money lenders is augmented at the public expense by the manipulation of currency and credit." U.

"Overvaluation and undervaluation of currencies is one of the most intricate, most actual, and practically most important chapters of economic science." U.

"We need a fixed value monetary system. At the present time, we have none. Under floating exchanges, America is simply a powerful ship on an ocean, with no rudder. Old gold, silver, and other known standards will no longer work. They will not work due to the massive increases in communication's speed, the varied endowments of nations' natural resources, and encrypted international speculative opportunities. Therefore, we need a new system. "INTERNAL EXCHANGE CLEARING" is such a system. It is an entirely new fixed value enhancing - [production standard] - monetary system, to benefit all humankind."

All nations must rise to their transcended higher natures of rational realizations, and they must now step into the positions of complete “Market Maker” roles, and design the new market laws necessary, to save the world from complete legal-economic destruction. We can no longer fiddle while Rome burns. This is serious, for the very survival of our species. If we continue to not recognize the true failure of “Pseudo-Free Markets”, and fail to recognize the new roles governments now must play, we will pay a severe price. The last forty years evolution of market, trade, finance and politics have put all nations’ local law and market systems, in extreme conflict with the international contract-law and market systems, to the point where the local systems’ efficiency and viability, has been destroyed by the extreme inefficient “system costs” of the international “Shadow Banking” system, suppressing and eliminating this local viability. Simply said, we have two dynamic law systems in absolute collision___the local and the international___so, we now require major monetary system law reform___FAST and FIRST…!

Where is the fundamental origin of the “Shadow Banking Derivatives” crisis? Is it really in the sub-prime mortgages? No…! The fundamental origin is in the entire foreign exchange, market and trade system, starting in the Nixon administration. The diversion of exchange rate laws, and G.A.T.T. laws, is the origin of all risk market problems___derivatives are mainly risk insurance markets, to protect against exchange rate variances___they existed then as forward markets and contracts, etc. If nations and market players had then been on their toes, they would have foreseen future market problems, with such a flawed, radically, imbalancing law structures’ future collisions potentials, as they had been warned by Paul Einzig, in 1968, when he testified before America’s Senate___They didn’t listen then, no more than they listened to William Spaulding, after WW I, leading us needlessly into `29. Until everyone sees this true fundamental origin of our present problems, to be located in the entire global market law structures, we are just spinning our wheels on ice, trying to throw good money after bad law, to solve a financial problem, which is in FACT, a Law Problem.

Niccolo Machiavelli and John Law would be “real proud” of us right now, but neither are any hero, for us to look up to. At this moment, we should be looking to the true “master minds” of history, instead. My suggestions are Plato’s currency, market and banking system, Benjamin Franklin’s currency, market and banking system, Alexander Hamilton’s currency, market and banking system, J.M. Keynes’ currency, market and banking system, Paul Einzig’s currency, market and banking system, Paul Davidson’s currency, market and banking system, Jane D’Arista’s currency, market and banking system, and even mine. We are in a true currency, market and banking crisis, fully interpreted as the global international financial architecture, which includes all foreign exchanges, markets, trade and political systems of LAW… “All problems are law problems”. No amount of finance thrown at markets will change this absolute fundamental fact of reality. When we have money problems, we have nothing but fundamental Law Problems. So, how long do you suppose it’ll take the nations of the world to awake to the facts of true knowledge? I know one thing, we had soon awake, or we’re all dead. Just as Aristotle stated, “When a nation loses control of its currency, it matters not what the law is”. We are an entire world that has long ago lost control of its currencies, and we can only regain control with new and proper currency, market and trade Laws___Immediately implemented.

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