Tuesday, September 16, 2008

America's Financial Dictatorship of The Global Economy Through The Bretton Woods System! - The Global Corporate State's Hegemony of Capitalism!


I'm going to go way out on a limb with this post and probably get a lot of ink splashed back in my face. All I can say is, blame it on my pen. It won't stop. I can't control it. Over some thirty years ago I had the strange opportunity to accidentally encounter the super-conscious of the global mind. Many of us have brief glimpses or visions into this most controversial area of the mind - actually the mind of God, or however you want it. I am often an atheist, and at other times an agnostic - can't quite make up my mind. But anyway, the fact remains that I experienced more than the average glimpse into this great often forbidden area. I am writing about it now because after thirty years the same strong vision into the super-conscious has returned by simply talking to my wonderful sister-in-law.

We were having a general conversation when events turned to a more serious tone - relationships. It didn't take long to get pretty deep, as we have talked much through the years. Tonight we were looking for the clearer meanings of intricate life problems between people and mates. As she also has a very high perspective and common sense view of awareness, it lead us both into the super-conscious - intuition and visions of and into the God mind. We had already been discussing my economic work and many other areas of the workings of the personal mind as well, when we looked from the personal into the global. From the personal we both agreed that it was extremely difficult for most mates to communicate and live together successfully. Then we began to question why this was. After leading from one psychological subject to another it ended up at the practical or impractical, however you want it.

After discussing and questioning each for some time, it evolved to the statement made by "The Guess Who" Canadian rock and roll band popular when we first met. The prominent lyric was, "American woman gonna mess your mind." Then it lead to why? Why were American relationships more in jeopardy than say Canadian or most other countries? This is where our super-consciouses started kicking in. She was relating through the spiritual God factor, and I was relating through the practical God factor. Now we all know what the spiritual God factor is, but what is the practical God factor? Both are the totality of everything, but the practical God factor is that which can be reductively deduced and understood. By this I mean if we look at the totality of the universe and everything down to the simplest of life on earth, it represents what we can understand through numbers logic. We can practically eliminate everything outside the earth as God neutral as it performs to the neutral and natural laws of physics. It's just the way it is. So this leaves us with what is happening on earth, and even spiritually, this can be reduced to numbers. Is the spirit a digital numbers God?

If we answer in the affirmative then we can discover the possible answers to why America has the highest divorce rates and most bad relationships, along with being ill blessed with the worst administration in history. Notice I said Possibly. Why is this? If you do the numbers of the practical spirit, America is very much outnumbered in the global economy and spirit realities, yet we have global financial hegemony over the entire global economy and spirits through the dying Bretton Woods System. Now if we are the dying global hegemon, we being the ones most responsible for this fact, are the evil demon in the mind of the spirit, because we, at the same time, have the power to correct Nixon's great error and fix this evil system and yet are not doing so. Thus, the global spiritual actions of the many yearly deaths of all countries concerned are being reflected back onto the U.S. spirit, creating our bad energy and bad relationships, bad economy, bad administration, etc. It's a simple process of doing the practical numbers, counting heads, and finding a practical spiritual truth. The minority population hegemon is doing the greatest financial damage in the world, without accepting responsibility and or repairing Nixon's evil mistake of destroying the better workings of the Bretton Woods System up to 1971 and 1973. Therefore, in the super-conscious spiritual view, of pretending to be God for this post, America is seen in the eyes of the spirit as a very evil nation, and may be paying us back for our ill actions/inactions. This is just a simple expansion of Pierre Teilhard's Noosphere ideas. In doing the historical numbers, I see no deductive reason for it not being true.

Now, most will scream that America is no where near as guilty as Russia and China with their some hundred million of their own people killed over the last seventy odd years, as shown by the great historian Paul Johnson of England, but they should consider the much higher global death rate of corporate America's dying Bretton Woods System over just the last thirty years. The global numbers are approaching Russia's and China's evil, yet we have been the global financial hegemon all these years through our veto and financial voting power in the Bretton Woods System. It's a tough pill to swallow, but the spirit is watching - you decide. Evil breeds evil.

"The house of fundamental monetary truths shows the monetary system's spiritual hand of greed controls all life through money. Furthermore, the world is a gambling casino of greed designed and sanctioned by God. Money is the mind of the spirit. The bankers are the dealers. Government is the laws and we are the hands playing the cards of greed. This my friends must change!!!

Who's country is it? - The billionaires - or the people's?!!!" C.H.I.P.S.

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