Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Wisdom to Power Void

Hi all. Been writing a blog for about five years, now, and thought I'd start a new direction, with this one. More to come, soon...

For over five years now, since a friend of mine and I coined the term “wisdom logic”, I have been trying to fill in the missing pieces, and its real meaning and implications. I awoke a few days ago with a flood of new information about what I wanted wisdom logic to mean, especially in relation to intelligence definitions, and its relationship to the wisdom to power linkage void, which I long ago discovered, as I’m sure many of you are familiar with, also.

Back in the `70’s, a lyric made a powerful impression on me___”successful conversation can take you very far”. Now this lyric/statement has a great deal of relation to intelligence and its relationship to political power, as without successful conversation, it’s very hard for anyone to link intelligence to power. Yet, at the same time, over time, I’ve had to accept there’s really no, what I’d consider true universal intelligence/wisdom, to link to power. Still, we must try to understand the dynamics involved.

I feel it quite timely to discuss this subject, as Obama, our most likely democratic candidate, is making it such a central subject of his possible presidency, since his successful conversational abilities, will most likely be shortly entering this great void. Now, why is there such a great void between intelligence and power? America possesses plenty of talent with exceptional individual genius, yet why is it never connected to power? Now, some may think it is, but I think it’ll be quite evident that it’s not, when this article is finished. What prevents individual genius from connecting itself to power, or is individual genius even deficient, at the universal political intelligence level? Let’s explore the issue by what fell into my head, the other morning…

As I awoke, my mind was thinking about wisdom logic, intelligence, power and individuals, etc. I asked myself why some individuals were so subjective, while others were so objective, and what might this have to do with connecting intelligence to power, through possible successful conversation, and some surprising answers fell to the front of my sleepy brain. I asked myself, “what is intelligence” in these different brains? What is intelligence in all different brains? Why the differences of private, personal, local, national and global views of all our own and other’s intelligences? Personally and politically, what are these differences? Well, then I had to start doing the real analytical breakdown, of myself and others, and I went all the way to all others___leftists, rightists, liberals, conservatives, subjectivists, objectivists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Brahmans, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Taoists, etc., since that’s really enough to make my case.

Analytically, we can break intelligence differences many ways, but I’ll do it this way. There’s subjective, objective, mono-jective, bi-jective and multi-jective intelligences. Now, I’m using mono, bi, and multi jectives in a new way, but I think you can see the valid use connections___It‘s simply like using mono-culturalism, bi-culturalism and multi-culturalism___just additional personality interpreters, especially in the more complex modern world. What I realized was, that when people communicate, there’s just too many ways to interpret each’s meanings truly, with all these self-interpreters, thus one of the linkage problems of successful conversation.

Now, let’s look at it politically. What we seem to have evolved to, in American political and social life, and most likely the rest of the world, is two opposing camps of___private, personal, national and world views. We have way too far leftist leaning subjective/objective, mono-jective liberal insecurities/paranoia combating, and on the other side combating it, way too far rightist leaning subjective/objective, mono-jective conservative insecurities/paranoia___with the middle position, of bi-jective and multi-jective intelligences and confidences, almost absent of participation. The middle is the all important position of, self/other, confidence, intelligence and wisdom logic___the bi-jective and multi-jective intelligences, we all should be using, but, it’s empty___Void... What I see is America, with a backpack of paranoid baggage, and little true substance abilities in the middle, which are of the more useful universal truths, intelligences and wisdom. This is truly a shame, for such a great nation, with so much individual talent and genius, to have accidentally evolved into such a prejudiced self-imposed nefarious, divisive gridlock.

Next, let’s see if we can expand this to its larger dynamics, to find its causes and cures. What does the forgone truly amount to? Let’s be honest. It’s really two opposing dynamically super-subjective ideologies, leading us into our completely unnecessary insecurities/paranoias, as our ideologies, on a national scale, really do lead us. If we adopted a little bi and multi-jectiveness, by looking more deeply into the other’s ideology, we may expand our subjective non-intelligences into a more open-minded objective intelligence. By objective, I do not mean the false meaning of object oriented, but the truer goal oriented definition___the best for all concerned, not just our personal beliefs and ideological preferences. Some may say ideologies is a bad analogy to use, but I will shortly show why I’ve chosen the concept of ideology for representation of culture’s personal and social contract analyses.

Let’s take the conversation up to the world stage of other culture’s differing ideologies, i.e., belief systems. Why is it we, as Americans, see our patriotic attendance to our total ideology of constitutional, democratic capitalism as the “end all and be all?” Oh, how dare I question such a concept? The truth of the matter is, when viewed from the perspective of Eastern beliefs/ideologies, America’s most hallowed beliefs/ideologies are just that___Ideology/Belief. Try to make it fact all you want, it’s still a long way for even America to go, to achieve any form of absolute liberty. Though liberty be our most cherished ideal, our crime and death figures show a long road ahead, so if we can accept the fact that constitutional democratic capitalism is no more than an ideology, to more than half the rest of the world, maybe our egos can shrink enough to see a truer bi and multi-jective world view, and therein begin to understand others a bit better, and more compassionately. This also applies, just as well, to our opposing national ideologies.

Now, why is it that thinking overly mono-jectively, subjectively, makes us so insecure and fallible? Let’s look at a simple history of our differences with Mid-East, and the East’s belief systems and ideologies. What is ours based on? What are theirs based on? Of course we all know ours are based in a long history from early Judaism/Christianity, which if we truly analyze it, was founded in the ancestral worship of warrior king rule and law, yet we, through reformation, enlightenment, industrial revolution and a revolutionary war injected separation of church and state into our ideological constitutional system. They did not. It’s true both the Mid-East and East have similar background histories of ancestral worship of warrior king/priest rule and law, the difference is they still quite so do. They have not gone through the same reformation, enlightenment, industrial revolutions, revolutionary wars and separation of church and state, as we and much of the West has. This is a giant difference of ideologies, that must be respected, if we are to understand our differences, and the varying personal and political policies, that must be applied, and not force our perspectives of personal and political ideologies on them. Remember, it took us 300 years, just to arrive at our constitutional decisions. The web may speed their process, but we can not transpose our ideologies on them. They still have far to much adherence and allegiance to their ancestral systems. Just to point out the most major difference, is their dowry law financial systems. These exist all through Mid-East and Eastern cultures, from the Muslims, to the Hindus, and on into China’s Taoists/Confuciusans. These are strongly engrained law systems, in their ideologies/belief systems. It took us 300+ years to detach from such similar ancestral attachments.

Now, can you possibly see why we may have so many insecurities and faults, of and by trying imposing our impossible transpositions on others? Do you think this could have something to do with our own thinking going blind and gridlocked? Remember, “What goes around, comes around.” Just think about it. We have been trying to impose impossible systems on people who have no understanding of our ideologies. They still believe in the imposed price setting of the ancestral warrior kings ancient law systems, in many areas of the Mid-East and Far East. You talk free markets, capitalism and democracy to many of these deeply believing ancestral worshipers, and they just think you are nuts___plain and simply, nuts. And the funny thing is, you are, unless you realize the time it‘ll truly take them to evolve___on their own…

So, what do you say, how about we try and understand others a bit better, and just maybe, maybe, we could start linking all that individual genius and talent America possesses, to the middle of that wisdom to power void___and in the process, learn a bit about true universal wisdom and truth___the missing linker…

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