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Friday, Sept. 26 Debate___The Irresponsibility Twins...

NEW Sept 9, The world is at severe risk of a global systemic financial meltdown and a severe global depression, by Nouriel Roubini
NEW Is Purchasing $700 billion of Toxic Assets the Best Way to Recapitalize the Financial System? No! It is Rather a Disgrace and Rip-Off Benefitting only the Shareholders and Unsecured Creditors of Banks: by Nouriel Roubini

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Philosophy of Social Science___Crash Course, by V.F. Hendricks
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History and epistemology in mathematics education, by Giorgio T. Bagni, Fulvia Furinghetti, Filippo Spagnolo

"The needs of the many, and the thought-needs of the few..."

Our choice, standing on the American stage of awesome public responsibility, at the most momentous time in history, were two men of laudable personal integrity and responsibility, yet both lacking the “most necessary” responsibility of intellectual economic wisdom, to deal with our nation’s, and the world’s most pressing financial problems, since the great depression. Why would two men of fine personal means have not realized, true political power absolutely requires far more experience, knowledge and wisdom, than good judgment, an intellect of law and political power, by one, and an intellect of military political power, by the other? Why would anyone, either one, especially realizing both have warned for years about America’s coming economic problems, actively waiting in the wings of global financial turmoil, have wanted political power, while never educating themselves to the more than glaringly obvious necessity of economic wisdom required, once this highest office in the land was attained? Why?

This leaves the public having to choose between the lower irresponsibility, of less than fully higher responsible judgments. I just hate to see a choice of less than the best of the best, but this is what we’re left with. To me, this questions the deeper judgments of both candidates, Obama and McCain, leaving us, the public, at the mercy of another election of TV personalities. But to be fair, we do possibly have a higher lesser evil of the two to choose from, than elections of the past. I full well realize no candidate choosing to run less than five years ago, could ever have had the time to educate themselves to the proficiency level of technical economics required, but on the other hand John McCain has been actively desiring and attempting to attain this office over enough time to have educated himself, yet he willingly admits of knowing practically nothing of technical economics, even after serving some thirty plus years in the Senate___This seems to be in-excusable. And, Barack Obama must have had the desire for some time, but is too young to have had the time to fully educate himself to the technical dynamics of economics and finance required for full understanding either, yet at the same time, seems to know and be able to process many of its fundamentals far better than the more politically experienced McCain, and this I see as the most important fundamental of political thought, either possess___Sound judgment.

Though there are many advantages and dis-advantages in both candidates, neither made an issue of either’s irresponsibility to the true intellectual economic responsibility required for the proficient performance of the office at hand. I can understand McCain not making an issue of Obama’s intellectual economic inexperience, as he’s so many times admitted his own lack of economic technical knowledge, but Obama as well, dared not attack McCain’s lack of economic technical experience, in the areas of military, foreign policy and politics, as he himself lacks the full understanding of money’s pre-eminent role in any war politics___Planning, participating in, or completing, of said jobs. So, neither candidate fully realizes the extreme importance of money and finance, on the world stage, when it is truly the primary tool of war and peace alike. This has been my position of both these candidates, from the beginning___Neither possess the intellectual prowess of economic responsibility, over their own irresponsibilities, to warrant either to attain the Office of President of the United States. Yet, we must elect one to that very office. Who is our better choice?

It seems the only quality my judgment is left with is a choice of finding the more “trustworthy” of the inexperience of each. Who do I, or you and I, trust the most to handle what neither of them understand fully? This is the question. Myself, looking back over history for guidance would pick two men to inform my judgment. That would be Alexis de Toqueville and Thorstein Veblen, as Alexis offers the best assessment of democracy’s evolution in general, and American democracy in particular, over the ages, and Veblen offers the best philosophy of a personally irresponsible man, with the highest intellectual responsibility of most any man I ever read. Both offer glimpses into the super-consciousness of people and nations, at some of the highest levels of knowledge possible. Both these candidates could have read these two genius’ of history and economics, to much better understand the mandates of office required, but their handlers seemed to not recognize the importance of the moment, as pertains to the historical and economic responsibilities required, by the office applied for. Both DeToqueville and Veblen clearly warned a world of democracy’s and capitalism’s pitfalls over time, DeToqueville of the personal passions, desires and greedy corrupt motives of people and power groups, and Veblen’s warnings of the shortcomings of the two warring political and social classes, between its class warfares of the egalitarian working classes, and the tribalistic “dog-eat-dog” competition of the leisure classes. IMO, these two books alone, could almost educate a presidential candidate, with deep enough reflection, to practically be able to understand much of national and global economic-political evolution, “iff”, grounded in fundamental efficient necessity of thought. Yet, neither handlers of these two candidates, chose to front them with a finer necessary eco-geo-military-political understanding, than a less than “responsibility of irresponsibility” of self-sovereign spirits. But, upon thoroughly comparing the two, Obama, IMO, comes out on top, due to the fact he understands constitutional law dynamics, general eco-geo-politics, and the “needs of the many”, far better than McCain, who understands not, constitutional law dynamics, or general eco-geo-politics well enough, yet, well understands the “thought-needs of the few”, far too well…

So, do we go with the candidate of “Main St. and the needs of the many”, or the candidate of “Wall St. and the thought-needs of the few”? Notice I’ve stated a difference between “needs and thought-needs”, as thought-needs are not needs, except by intellects who have not yet figured out how to design global economic systems to support all desires, prudently and responsibly, which is certainly possible. I want a candidate who will lead us toward the “needs of the many”, and I think Barack Obama fills that bill, without question. This is just a scientific fact of simple math... If we all learn to add, we’d all choose Obama…

To connect the missing technically explained comment, from this post, please read the rest of my blog, beginning in May, and especially the post before this one. Skip the four posts about physics and biology, unless interested…

Monday: Call to Stop Paulson's Plunder
(1) Call your Representatives and Senators at 800-473-6711 or 202-224-3121 and say No Bailout!
(2) Email them too and tell your friends:

After a week of high-drama negotiations, Congress and Hank Paulson issued Bailout version 1.1, which is just the original Paulson pig with a lot of lipstick.
Republicans say the deal will be profitable for taxpayers, but they are lying - just as they did about the invasion of Iraq producing lower gas prices. It's a lie because Paulson has full power to pay too much for the securities and he will because his real goal is a bailout of bank executives and shareholders with our money - a massive ($2,333 per person!) transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich.

Democrats say they got oversight, accountability, and limits on executive compensation but each of these provisions is so full of Republican-written loopholes that they are meaningless - just like all other restrictions imposed on the Bush Administration, from Iraq to wiretapping. And that's before Bush simply negates any restrictions he doesn't like with one of his unconstitutional (and hence impeachable) signing statements.

So our answer remains ABSOLUTELY NOT.

The House will vote on Monday and the Senate will vote on Wednesday.
So call your Senators and Representative right now to say "No $700 Billion Bailout for Wall Street" - dial the Capitol switchboard at 800-473-6711 or 202-224-3121 or dial direct using the instant phone lookup on the right side of
And if you have not e mailed your Senators and Representative , please do it now:

Find more information and comment here:
Thanks for all you do!

NEW Sept. 29, The US and global financial crisis is becoming much more severe in spite of the Treasury rescue plan. The risk of a total systemic meltdown is now as high as ever...

by Nouriel Roubini | Sep 29, 2008

It is obvious that the current financial crisis is becoming more severe in spite of the Treasury rescue plan (or maybe because of it as this plan it totally flawed). The severe strains in financial markets (money markets, credit markets, stock markets, CDS and derivative markets) are becoming more severe rather than less severe in spite of the nuclear option (after the Fannie and Freddie $200 billion bazooka bailout failed to restore confidence) of a $700 billion package: interbank spreads are widening (TED spread, swap spreads, Libo-OIS spread) and are at level never seen before; credit spreads (such as junk bond yield spreads relative to Treasuries are widening to new peaks; short-term Treasury yields are going back to near zero levels as there is flight to safety; CDS spread for financial institutions are rising to extreme levels (Morgan Stanley ones at 1200 last week) as the ban on shorting of financial stock has moved the pressures on financial firms to the CDS market; and stock markets around the world have reacted very negatively to this rescue package (US market are down about 3% this morning at their opening).

Let me explain now in more detail why we are now back to the risk of a total systemic financial meltdown…

It is no surprise as financial institutions in the US and around advanced economies are going bust: in the US the latest victims were WaMu (the largest US S&L) and today Wachovia (the sixth largest US bank); in the UK after Northern Rock and the acquisition of HBOS by Lloyds TSB you now have the bust and rescue of B&B; in Belgium you had Fortis going bust and being rescued over the weekend; in German HRE, a major financial institution is also near bust and in need of a government rescue. So this is not just a US financial crisis; it is a global financial crisis hitting institutions in the US, UK, Eurozone and other advanced economies (Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc.).

And the strains in financial markets – especially short term interbank markets - are becoming more severe in spite of the Fed and other central banks having literally injected about $300 billion of liquidity in the financial system last week alone including massive liquidity lending to Morgan and Goldman. In a solvency crisis and credit crisis that goes well beyond illiquidity no one is lending to counterparties as no one trusts any counterparty (even the safest ones) and everyone is hoarding the liquidity that is injected by central banks. And since this liquidity goes only to banks and major broker dealers the rest of the shadow banking system has not access to this liquidity as the credit transmission mechanisms is blocked.

After the bust of Bear and Lehman and the merger of Merrill with BofA I suggested that Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs should also merge with a large financial institution that has a large base of insured deposits so as to avoid a run on their overnite liabilities. Instead Morgan and Goldman went for the cosmetic approach of converting into bank holding companies as a way to get further liquidity support – and regulation as banks – of the Fed and as a way to acquire safe deposits. But neither institution can create in a short time a franchise of branches and neither one has the time and resources to acquire smaller banks. And the injection of $8 b of Japanese capital into Morgan and $5 b of capital from Buffett into Goldman is a drop in the ocean as both institutions need much more capital. Thus, the gambit of converting into bank while not being banks yet has not worked and the run against them has accelerated in the last week: Morgan’s CDS spread went through the roof on Friday to over 1200 and the firm has already lost over a third of its hedge funds clients together with their highly profitable prime brokering business (this is really a kiss of death for Morgan); and the coming roll-off of the interbank lines to Morgan would seal its collapse. Even Goldman Sachs is under severe stress losing business, losing money, experiencing a severe widening of its CDS spreads and at risk of losing most of its values most of its lines of business (including trading) are now losing money.

Both institutions are highly recommended to stop dithering and playing for time as delay will be destructive: they should merge now with a large foreign financial institution as no US institution is sound enough and large enough to be a sound merger partner. If Mack and Blankfein don’t want to end up like Fuld they should do today a Thain and merge as fast as they can with another large commercial banks. Maybe Mitsubishi and a bunch of Japanese life insurers can take over Morgan; in Europe Barclays has its share of capital trouble and has just swallowed part of Lehman; while most other UK banks are too weak to take over Goldman. The only institution sound enough to swallow Goldman may be HSBC. Or maybe Nomura in Japan should make a bid for Goldman. Either way Mack and Blankfein should sell at a major discount of current price their firm before they end up like Bear and be offered in a few weeks a couple of bucks a share for their faltering operation. And the Fed and Treasury should tell them to hurry up as they are both much bigger than Bear or Lehman and their collapse would have severe systemic effects.

When investors don’t trust any more even venerable institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs you know that the financial crisis is as severe as ever and the fear of collapse of counterparties does not spare anyone. When a nuclear option of a monster $700 billion rescue plan is not even able to rally stock markets (as they are all in free fall today) you know this is a global crisis of confidence in the financial system. We were literally close to a total meltdown of the system on Wednesday (and Thursday morning) two weeks ago when the $85 b bailout of AIG led to a 5% fall in US stock markets (instead of a rally). Then the US authorities went for the nuclear option of the $700 billion plan as a way to avoid the meltdown together with bans on short sales, a guarantee of money market funds and an injection of over $300 billion in the financial system. Now the prospect of this plan passing (but there is some lingering deal risk the votes in the House are not certain) -as well as the other massive policy actions taken to stop short selling “speculation” and support interbank markets and money market funds - is not sufficient to make the markets rally as there is a generalized loss of confidence in financial markets and in financial institutions that no policy action seem to be able to control.

The next step of this panic could become the mother of all bank runs, i.e. a run on the trillion dollar plus of the cross border short-term interbank liabilities of the US banking and financial system as foreign banks as starting to worry about the safety of their liquid exposures to US financial institutions; such a silent cross border bank run has already started as foreign banks are worried about the solvency of US banks and are starting to reduce their exposure. And if this run accelerates - as it may now - a total meltdown of the US financial system could occur. We are thus now in a generalized panic mode and back to the risk of a systemic meltdown of the entire financial system. And US and foreign policy authorities seem to be clueless about what needs to be done next. Maybe they should today start with a coordinated 100 bps reduction in policy rates in all the major economies in the world to show that they are starting to seriously recognize and address this rapidly worsening financial crisis.

my response...
The "Shadow Banking System's" mess...

Nouriel, seriously, where do you stand on closing the international financial side of the foreign exchanges, and going to stringent capital controls, to save some of what's left? Just to give some breathing room, so real economists can work out the best route to salvage what's left of the global mess... The entire "Shadow Banking System" needs to be rolled back into the real banking systems of all economies, but no-one's able to price it___The problem___No Time! Due to the fact "no-one on earth" can truly figure derivatives valuations, as in Lehman's possible 10T derivatives exposure case, for an estimated two years hence, to wind down or back into the real system___drastic measures are certainly necessary___Don't you think...?

Lloyd Gillespie

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let’s Take A Higher Road…

For over 2500 years, and possibly more, the world has been debating personal, social and economic conditions, from a less than ideal perspective of inter-tribal differences. Can we possibly transcend our tribal allegiances of special interests, whether labor and workers, of the egalitarian vein, on the left, or business and corporations, of the competition and profit vein, on the right, and find a higher road? I think we can, with, “A transcendent theory of responsible semi-philanthropic government”. I mention semi-philanthropic government, in no small sense, as when we truly address our global condition over the last thirty years, we’ve actually evolved from a system of capitalist free-markets, to a more integrated system of Marxist/socialist/capitalism, with all our socialization of global finance and trade, to the tune of trillions of dollars of national debts, and especially now, with the massive socialist bail-out packages being put on the table, which will further socialize the already over-socialized system.

All we have do is ask, “Have we acted responsibly?” My answer is, “Absolutely not!” From Nixon, through Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II, we’ve seen and been nothing but irresponsible, to our fundamental ideals, of sound government and finance. How could we have lost our way so badly? My answer is, we spent so much time fighting and warding off Marxism, socialism and communism, our simple fears of, we actually forgot to build further on our fundamental ideals, and instead, adopted financial evolution by accident, and hap-hazard in-attention. Both political parties allowed the policies and philosophies of the moment, to control our destinies down roads any sane nation, would have never traveled, with irrational de-regulations of other-wise sound markets and trade, to massive profligate increases of finally un-repayable debts. So, now we arrive at the grid-locked arguments of two special interest groups, with their un-resolvable differences.

Whether we look at this enigma from the perspective of social responsibility, or economic survival, we must develop a new and transcended philosophy of government, economics and politics, capable of bridging these diverse differences. When I mention “A transcendent theory of responsible semi-philanthropic government”, it no longer looks utopian, as it once did, as it’s actually the forms of governments, many nations of the OECD capitalist world, have now adopted, so it allows us to discuss such a topic, with a new sense of responsibility, as opposed to our present profligate irresponsibility. Now, what would such a transcendent vision look like? I’ll state it bluntly first and explain later, “Governments should use money, to reduce prices, and increase wages and profits”. Now, at this moment, all educated people would yell and scream, “This is impossible”, yet I say, “No, it is not.”, and I have more than one proof of its full possibility. Let me here enter just one of the transcended ideas of responsibility, first offered by Plato, some 2400 years ago:

“The citizen of the ideal state will require a currency for the purpose of every day expenses; This is practically indispensable for workers of all kinds and for such purposes as the payment of wages to wage earners. To meet these requirements, the citizen will possess a currency which will pass for value among themselves, but will not be accepted outside their own boundaries. But a stock of some currency common to the Hellenic world generally i.e., of international currency, will at all times be kept by the state for military expenditures or official missions abroad such as embassies and for any other necessary purposes of state. If a private citizen has occasion to go abroad, he will make his application to the government and go; and upon his return if he has any foreign currency left over in his possession, he will hand it over to the state receiving in exchange the equivalent in local currency”.

Also, if you go back to one of my earlier posts at: where you will see a similar transcendent idea put forward by our very own Benjamin Franklin. And here again is the same transcendent idea of Paul Einzig and J.M. Keynes, put forward by Paul Davidson:

“Elsewhere(Davidson) I have developed in detail a proposal for reforming the entire international payments system via an international clearing union that provides for capital controls and other necessary and sufficient conditions to permit the establishment of a golden age in the 21st century. The main proviso of my proposal are:

1. The unit of account and ultimate reserve asset for international liquidity is the International Money Clearing Unit (IMCU). All IMCU's are held only by central banks, not by the public.

2. Each nation's central bank is committed to guarantee one way convertibility from IMCU deposits at the clearing union to its domestic money. Each central bank will set its own rules regarding making available foreign monies (through IMCU clearing transactions) to its own bankers and private sector residents(21). Ultimately, all major private international transactions clear between central banks' accounts in the books of the international clearing institution.

3. The exchange rate between the domestic currency and the IMCU is set initially by each nation -- just as it would be if one instituted an international gold standard.

4. Contracts between private individuals will continue to be denominated into what ever domestic currency permitted by local laws and agreed upon by the contracting parties.

5. An overdraft system to make available short-term unused creditor balances at the Clearing House to finance the productive international transactions of others who need short-term credit. The terms will be determined by the pro bono clearing managers.

6. A trigger mechanism to encourage a creditor nation to spend what is deemed (in advance) by agreement of the international community to be "excessive" credit balances accumulated by running current account surpluses. These excessive credits can be spent in three ways: (1) on the products of any other member of the clearing union, (2) on new direct foreign investment projects, and/or (3) to provide unilateral transfers (foreign aid) to deficit members.

7. A system to stabilize the long-term purchasing power of the IMCU (in terms of each member nation's domestically produced market basket of goods) can be developed. This requires a system of fixed exchange rates between the local currency and the IMCU that changes only to reflect permanent increases in efficiency wages.(22) This assures each central bank that its holdings of IMCUs as the nation's foreign reserves will never lose purchasing power in terms of foreign produced goods, even if a foreign government permits wage-price inflation to occur within its borders.

8. If a country is at full employment and still has a tendency towards persistent international deficits on its current account, then this is prima facie evidence that it does not possess the productive capacity to maintain its current standard of living. If the deficit nation is a poor one, then surely there is a case for the richer nations who are in surplus to transfer some of their excess credit balances to support the poor nation.(23) If it is a relatively rich country, then the deficit nation must alter its standard of living by reducing the relative terms of trade with major trading partners. If the payment deficit persists despite a continuous positive balance of trade in goods and services, then there is evidence that the deficit nation might be carrying too heavy an international debt service obligation. The pro bono officials of the clearing union should bring the debtor and creditors into negotiations to reduce annual debt service payments by [1] lengthening the payments period, [2] reducing the interest charges, and/or [3] debt forgiveness.(24)”

So, you see, transcendent ideas of social, economic and political conditions are nothing new. It’s just the wise sages of the world have never been listened too. Don’t you think it’s about time? Now, can you see why my statement, “Governments should use money, to reduce prices, and increase wages and profits”, is thoroughly true? The clearest representation of this new transcendent possibility of responsibility is best represented by the words of all these great sages of transcendent ideals, by realizing they all offered, at differing times in history, a chance for all citizens of planet earth, a way out of the great conflagrations of tribal arguments, through realizing money, and money itself, as an autonomous tool of governments, can be used far beyond its present irrational status. Money can function as a fundamental transcendent ideal of social, market, trade and political actions, when organized through thorough exchange clearing mechanisms, having the ability to reduce global debt structures, i.e., self-liquidating national debts, as per Keynes Bancor System, or Paul Davidson’s ICB(international clearing bank), among all the others. These exchange clearing mechanisms can be instituted either externally or internally, according to the needs of each individual nation, but responsibly instituted, they must be, to reduce prices, and increase wages and profits, responsibly and successfully, while reducing overall global costs, achieving full and true subsidiarity and sustainability, and not their false ideological counterparts... Also, to top it off, here’s a few of my own proposals of external and internal exchange clearing:

“A Few IFA Proposals - Conventional - Unconventional
by Lloyd
“Ah yes, Edward. Quite a problem we seem to be in. Since Edward asked this question, I thought I might stick my head out and see how many chop it off. Somehow, I feel they may not since we are all in such a quandry... "What this means is that the seesaw analogy fails: Europe cannot go up while the US goes down: both need to descend together. So the problem here is architectural (any suggestions Lloyd?):"

As I stated in one of my posts at: MacroMouse and in thorough agreement with you Edward, "We have never been here before." Due to the vast imbalances in global ppp's, wages, debts, trade, wealth, exchange rates, etc., which have evolved since the collapse of the Bretton Woods System in 1971-`73, we face the most serious challenge since, oh who knows when, forever. So what would I do with the international financial architecture? If enough serious minds are willing to admit something needs to be done, then there are definately several answers.

The goal, of course, is to rebalance the entire global system. How? Well, many forms of external exchange clearing have been put forth since Plato first advocated it, though none overly appeal to me or many others, as suggested - they reduce too much autonomy. Therefore, I suggest several different forms of conventional exchange clearing and several unconventional forms of internal exchange clearing - which allow a higher degree of local autonomy. I see no other way to otherwise rebalance the massively out of balance system. If we had originally, in 1971, rebuilt the then broken system by making balanced floating exchange the law of the land, we wouldn't be here, but we didn't. Just for the record, we could have made a 10% to 20% maximum balance band law the IMF would have been mandated to follow when nation's ppp's drifted out of balance, that they should have been mandated to rebalance, even though we had abandoned the pegged system. A rebalancing framework could have and should have been set up at that time, even if it meant loaning, or using a standby agreement until hostilities ended, the money needed by the U.S. to finish the war, etc. It would have been smarter than destroying the entire system as has nearly happened. There were many ways to rebuild a workable system at the time, it was just the acrimony over the war that prevented such a wise course. I mention this for background on what now must be done.

I have only recently come across enough information and empirical evolution to possibly offer a few new and different answers. I am no where near ready, but I can set the framework. At the outset, moral hazard must be guarded against most in the workings of any new system. As Alfred Marshall suggested, we could use his units of purchasing power as a solid standard of a new architecture. I suggest a very large basket[20% of GDP] of commodities, production, goods, and services as the new standard for all nations. This large 20% is required because I further suggest using many forms of derivatives contracts and bond contracts as insurance for the new system of clearing - to satisfy the large financial interests. I suggest this be a minimal financial computer controlled international clearing architecture - politics removed after implementation. To implement, all capital markets must be either closed[short term] or laws of gradual rebalance must be written into the architecture implementation and evolution. This way all nations can maintain their sovereignty and autonomy more than other already advocated systems. If the laws and computer programs are properly written, the world can evolve over a given timeframe to a new global balance of all thus mentioned markets. Rebalancing is a simple accounting trick if enough financing is forthcoming, to do so. It will take much new IMF financing, but the rebalancing will recreate so much new credit productivity, it will pay itself back over time just as the massive public financing of global WWII did.

”There is also internal exchange clearing, a non-conventional system, that I have written George Monbiot about. There are several of these variations, also, but for now I will enter my e-mail to George:”

Earlier today I came across an article of yours about a meeting, to come up with an alternative to capitalism other than the other failed system - totalitarianism. I'd like to make a suggestion that there is a way to build such an architecture. BTW, you are my favorite author. The system I am talking about is already here, almost but unrecognized, as yet. On the one side we have what I refer to as Minsky's Heinz `57 capitalisms. On the other we have the Heinz `57 totalitarianisms. None of these are satisfactory. Yet, the answer lies somewhere in the middle between the two. BushCo wants to implement an outrageously totally free [for the corporations that is] capitalism. China, on the other hand is moving from totalitarianism toward BushCo's totally free corporate capitalism. If it goes all the way this would be a big mistake, as the perfect mixed market capitalism lies in between.

What I'm talking about here is the world has a chance to help China develop the first perfectly balanced mixed economy of public and private enterprise. I use this example as the developed nations will not yet listen to common sense. Now, I know from reading your books and articles you can easily grasp this. If China were to naturally evolve to a state of 20% public enterprise markets and 80% private enterprise markets we would have a chance to witness something truly amazing in economic history, if properly organized at this % mix. As, at this total market mix the 20% public enterprise market could be used to keep inflation/deflation permanently in check throughout the 80% private enterprise market, thus allowing a fiat money system unlimited potential. I mention this about China as it is the only experiment in the world heading toward and most likely to reach this % threshold. It would be a great loss to the world if we do not recognize this once in earth's lifetime chance to grant the world a new path. E=1/5X is a formula for perfect competition capitalism.

The 20% public enterprise mix must be a total % market organization of all production, goods, and services in order to check inflation/deflation throughout the 80% totally free private enterprise side. A triple entry banking system can be set up to finance. Alfred Marshall, at the turn of the century, mentioned such a similar mix with his "units of purchasing power". This is the same thing, so to speak, at a much expanded macro level. If you can actually see this system, which I think you can, you must see the advantages a fiat system would possess when inflation/deflation can be market controlled, it frees the printing press to have free reign to build an unbelievably wealthy, healthy, strong, and viable moral capitalism.

If China were to discover this capitalism key, the rest of the world would be forced to emulate - gladly as debts and taxes would vanish or could be used productively. They most likely will cross the 1/5X threshold sometime in the near future as they are privatizing at a fast rate - almost 50% already. There is no need for them to cross it in disarray as is the case with many of Europe's social democracies and Russia's failed transition. They only need be shown the simple facts. Please dialogue with me to work out the details. The world needs us George.

I wrote three books about this system through the `80's and `90's. Trouble is they are very crude web published material - not enough free time. I am now retired and have the time to finish. My work will be rewritten and republished this winter. My first paper will be 20 to 30 pages long on global credit productivity - a totally new macroeconomic subject.”

I didn’t mean to make this post so long, but the dynamics involved in understanding how theoretical transcendental ideals of, “Governments should use money, to reduce prices, and increase wages and profits”, is very difficult for the un-initiated to wrap their heads around, as it sounds paradoxical, when in fact, it is not. If all try to figure the dynamics involved, in the above ideals, we can truly solve all the world’s problems, and successfully institute a new “Imperative of Responsibility”___A Higher Road…

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

America's Financial Dictatorship of The Global Economy Through The Bretton Woods System! - The Global Corporate State's Hegemony of Capitalism!


I'm going to go way out on a limb with this post and probably get a lot of ink splashed back in my face. All I can say is, blame it on my pen. It won't stop. I can't control it. Over some thirty years ago I had the strange opportunity to accidentally encounter the super-conscious of the global mind. Many of us have brief glimpses or visions into this most controversial area of the mind - actually the mind of God, or however you want it. I am often an atheist, and at other times an agnostic - can't quite make up my mind. But anyway, the fact remains that I experienced more than the average glimpse into this great often forbidden area. I am writing about it now because after thirty years the same strong vision into the super-conscious has returned by simply talking to my wonderful sister-in-law.

We were having a general conversation when events turned to a more serious tone - relationships. It didn't take long to get pretty deep, as we have talked much through the years. Tonight we were looking for the clearer meanings of intricate life problems between people and mates. As she also has a very high perspective and common sense view of awareness, it lead us both into the super-conscious - intuition and visions of and into the God mind. We had already been discussing my economic work and many other areas of the workings of the personal mind as well, when we looked from the personal into the global. From the personal we both agreed that it was extremely difficult for most mates to communicate and live together successfully. Then we began to question why this was. After leading from one psychological subject to another it ended up at the practical or impractical, however you want it.

After discussing and questioning each for some time, it evolved to the statement made by "The Guess Who" Canadian rock and roll band popular when we first met. The prominent lyric was, "American woman gonna mess your mind." Then it lead to why? Why were American relationships more in jeopardy than say Canadian or most other countries? This is where our super-consciouses started kicking in. She was relating through the spiritual God factor, and I was relating through the practical God factor. Now we all know what the spiritual God factor is, but what is the practical God factor? Both are the totality of everything, but the practical God factor is that which can be reductively deduced and understood. By this I mean if we look at the totality of the universe and everything down to the simplest of life on earth, it represents what we can understand through numbers logic. We can practically eliminate everything outside the earth as God neutral as it performs to the neutral and natural laws of physics. It's just the way it is. So this leaves us with what is happening on earth, and even spiritually, this can be reduced to numbers. Is the spirit a digital numbers God?

If we answer in the affirmative then we can discover the possible answers to why America has the highest divorce rates and most bad relationships, along with being ill blessed with the worst administration in history. Notice I said Possibly. Why is this? If you do the numbers of the practical spirit, America is very much outnumbered in the global economy and spirit realities, yet we have global financial hegemony over the entire global economy and spirits through the dying Bretton Woods System. Now if we are the dying global hegemon, we being the ones most responsible for this fact, are the evil demon in the mind of the spirit, because we, at the same time, have the power to correct Nixon's great error and fix this evil system and yet are not doing so. Thus, the global spiritual actions of the many yearly deaths of all countries concerned are being reflected back onto the U.S. spirit, creating our bad energy and bad relationships, bad economy, bad administration, etc. It's a simple process of doing the practical numbers, counting heads, and finding a practical spiritual truth. The minority population hegemon is doing the greatest financial damage in the world, without accepting responsibility and or repairing Nixon's evil mistake of destroying the better workings of the Bretton Woods System up to 1971 and 1973. Therefore, in the super-conscious spiritual view, of pretending to be God for this post, America is seen in the eyes of the spirit as a very evil nation, and may be paying us back for our ill actions/inactions. This is just a simple expansion of Pierre Teilhard's Noosphere ideas. In doing the historical numbers, I see no deductive reason for it not being true.

Now, most will scream that America is no where near as guilty as Russia and China with their some hundred million of their own people killed over the last seventy odd years, as shown by the great historian Paul Johnson of England, but they should consider the much higher global death rate of corporate America's dying Bretton Woods System over just the last thirty years. The global numbers are approaching Russia's and China's evil, yet we have been the global financial hegemon all these years through our veto and financial voting power in the Bretton Woods System. It's a tough pill to swallow, but the spirit is watching - you decide. Evil breeds evil.

"The house of fundamental monetary truths shows the monetary system's spiritual hand of greed controls all life through money. Furthermore, the world is a gambling casino of greed designed and sanctioned by God. Money is the mind of the spirit. The bankers are the dealers. Government is the laws and we are the hands playing the cards of greed. This my friends must change!!!

Who's country is it? - The billionaires - or the people's?!!!" C.H.I.P.S.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Major Monetary Reform

"Here's the intro to a book I e-published back in the early `90's, and since deleted. I found this still on the web, when I did a recent search, and thought it quite applicable today. As a matter of fact, I think I'll edit and update that old book, as it's still extremely relavent, if not some of the most important ideas in existence___but I shouldn't blow my own horn so much___yet it's really mainly others ideas of our more hidden history..."

Internal Exchange Clearing
Introduction - A Rewrite of Capitalism - Major Monetary Reform

Lloyd Gillespie - Rockland - ME - US (1991)

A Global Monetary Paradigm of Economic Liberty
I would like to speak to you about a most serious matter... I think you might like to be warned. Your government is on the wrong path. I have recently discovered incontrovertible evidence of a giant misstep in history. History's disconnection of calculus (Newton and Leibniz) and exchange clearing (Plato) have not found an obvious compatibility. The union of Newtonian calculus and Platonic exchange clearing can entirely reshape history and the modern world.

History's misstep, mentioned above, has brought on the multi-trillion dollar robbery now taking place in all nations on planet Earth. This particular robbery can not be ended by conventional means due to an unconventional turn in economic evolution. The world's collective inertial transactions, and law's loss of validity evolution, have brought about this dire situation. Law and economic evolution began taking on its present bizarre dynamic with the advent of the first Euro-dollar in 1949, under the actions of the Chinese government. The market continued to grow to its present state, of most the size of the entire American economy. This is a most, uncontrolled, onshore-offshore, tax haven market. The Euro-dollar system market was extremely exaggerated and expanded by the death of the Bretton Woods system, in 1971, under President Richard Nixon's stewardship. The combination of these two major events has led to the deregulation fiasco we are now witnessing. There are reasons this must and will continue under present conventional wisdom.

This report will give a summary introduction and outline the tenets of the major topics. `Internal Exchange Clearing' is a two part book including a part written at a later date than the first. The second part is titled `Perception' - Iron Words-Paper Lies. The two above titles have been blended together into one work, which was originally planned. The combined work consists of five major parts:

The National Economy - America's Tailspin
Government - A Vision of State
Science - The Scientific Age
The World Economy - Creative Monetary Systems and Future Paradigms
Internal Exchange Clearing - A Monetary Proposal to Create Voluntary World Capitalism

The national economy is of course the greatest concern to the largest number of people. Under conventional wisdom, I do not have good news to report, however; under unconventional wisdom, I have excellent news. First, the bad news - "The problem is bigger than any of you could even begin to guess!" Our lives are being dominated by blips and glitches on computer screens. The computer has learned how to rob the existing capitalist system and can't be stopped - A new system is required. Only unknown markets will function - known markets will not function, under computerized capitalism. Capitalism's unknown market function factor results in, "To know is to Die!" The day the computer predicts - "The market Dies"! We are fast approaching this day. The point we are presently at is a slow, debt death by global computerized robbery, reducing the energetic capacities of the national economy. The explanations of the complexities involved in the above, on a scale of from one to ten, are a strong fifteen, however; a simplified overview can be stated. The past forty years of transactions, technology and legal evolution has culminated in the collision of market needs, desires and abilities. The needs of societies, the desires of speculators and the abilities of the systems involved to supply the wishes of these two diverse communities of people. The foreign, floating, forward exchange and synthetic forward exchange markets, manipulated by speculators and computers, are in the vanguard of America's and the entire world's problems. The easiest way I can think to simplify this introductory report is to interject a priority outline. A priority outline will show the degree of importance I place on all the subjects in the entire book, as this is an outline of the most important, to the least. Such an outline will also quickly make clear the general content. The priority outline is as follows:

Priority Outline
Internal Exchange Clearing - A Global Monetary Paradigm of Economic Liberty - E=1/5 X
Perception - Iron Words-Paper Lies - A Rewrite of Capitalism - Major Monetary Reform
The World Economy - Creative Monetary Systems and Future Paradigms
Internal Exchange Clearing - A Monetary Proposal to Create Voluntary World Capitalism
Law - The State's Survival Sovereignty
Economic Laws - Iron Laws of The Invisible Hand
The World Banking System and Forward Exchange - The Computerized Machiavellian Banker's Plutocracy
Credit - The Iron Weed - Key to Economics
Foreign Exchange - The Global Interlocked Finance Puzzle
The Euro Dollar System - The Ghost of Finance
Printing Press - Sky Pilot of The Wild Stallion Printing Press
Inflation - The Key to Capitalism's Chastity Belt
Speculation - The Bear Swallows The Eagle
Debt - Ol' Man Kondratief and Economic Winter
Economic History - The Eyes of History
The National Economy - America's Tailspin
Government - A Vision of State
Marxism - A Mosquito On The Elephant, Capitalism
Markets - Real Power Is The Market - Framework Is Its Control
Trade - The Free Market Myth - The Free Trade Dreamland
Nations - Timing of Infrastructures
Labor - The World's Imbalance of Wages, Exchange Rates and Credit
Future Economic Systems - The Fate of The Free World
Greed - The World Casino of Greed - Life
Environment - The Invisible Chain of Life
Science - The Scientific Age
Robotics and Computers - Transition to The Iron Man Work Age
Farming - World Agriculture Deflation and Cannibalism?
War and Weapons - The Golden Fleece - The Devil of War
Physics - Blueprint of The World Unified Field Theory
Education - A Unity of Knowledge
History - The Eternal Recurrence
Philosophy - The Puzzle of Life - The Eternal Puzzle - The Circle
Intellect and Wisdom - The Intellectual Pillars of Earth
Reason, Truth and Logic - The Citadel of Self
Ethics - The Ark of Universal Morality and Ethics
Morality - The Spirit of Humanity - The Spirit of Humility
Soul - Lifting The Veil of Darkness From The Soul
Culture - The Tear In The American Eagle's Eye
Anthropology - The Anthropological Dynamics of Earth and Nations
Psychology - America - The World's Mental Experiment

As you can see, the above outline reveals an intricate detailed synopses of the entire project. It is clear I consider the world economy and monetary system the most important entity, controlling all other aspects of America's, and the rest of the world's national economies, since the outline is based on hegemonic and suzeraintic monetary control from top to bottom. An outline of the actual order of the entire book is included in a section titled, `Perception' - Iron Words-Paper Lies. I have included these outlines because the subject is more complex than the average economic treatise, since it involves the transition from one monetary system to another - A completely new and, yet unknown, system.

Now, returning to the opening paragraph, I will make generally clear what is meant. The history of nations' loss of schools of thought has often been mentioned by classical historians, and here we have a prime example. The misstep in history is, not realizing calculus, once invented by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz, could be used to solve economics' most daunting problem, as stated by Plato some 2400 years ago. Plato clearly explained how an exchange clearing system would function if it became possible to design such a system. Since the time of Newton and Leibniz, it has been economically feasible and intellectually possible to unite these two schools of thought, yet thus far they have not been. I would ask why, but I have already discovered far too many blind spots in history, although this one is the most crucial to the nation's and planet's health and well-being.

By conceptualizing Egypt as a society functioning under a monetary system of `Internal Exchange Clearing', which I am proposing, we can more clearly understand what I am explaining. I will categorically state Egypt functioned, unknowingly, under a system of `Internal Exchange Clearing', and it will be proved in later sections. The above is the giant disconnection between the past and the present. The monetary problem of inflation and debt should have been resolved when Newton and Leibniz made it possible. It was not, and we are now living its pain.

Any good spreadsheet, such as the one I am using, (MS Excel 4.0, Windows) or other capable, mathematical, computer programs, in one of the basic languages, can be used to solve the calculus problems presented. The formula for the center of mass to figure the economic numbers required is:[home page (formula not linked)] The summation limits actually belong above and below the summation sign. Ami Pro is giving a little trouble on this complex formula. For all the rest of its power, we will have to excuse it. The above formula figures a weighted average of the transactions numbers we feed in. In this way, the balance of the entire monetary system, and its potentials, with given quantities, can be accurately measured. Our same spreadsheet can be used to further prove our conclusions, with its powerful statistics' functions.

The modern world of computers can be helpful, and damaging, at the same time. On the one hand, we can create the world's problems with computers, while on the other, we can solve these same problems with computers. This has been much the history of the world - Yin and Yang.

The above formula can be used to prove the mathematical viability, and abilities of `Internal Exchange Clearing', to eliminate inflation, reduce debts, and balance the national and entire world monetary systems. This is the goal that all governments and nations have sought since the dawn of organized societies. The nay-sayers will argue the impossibilities of such a system's possibility or viability until doomsday. There is always a group who says the Earth is flat or planes can not fly. They can not argue with the numbers. The numbers defeat their pessimism, hands down. Most of these same people understand nothin about calculus or statistics, even though they hold valid degrees stating they do. If they care to do the numbers, they will find the truth.

`Internal Exchange Clearing' is a major empirical discovery by myself over the course of some twenty-five year's research. It will take you on an extensive voyage of discovery and explanation covering the profundities and proclivities of national and world markets, past, present, and future. Topics will be laid out from the simple to the complex. Graphs and diagrams will be used to help explain the complex. If your education background does not cover all the subjects and topics mentioned, you can acquaint yourself with the tools you will need by reading several good books on banking and international finance. I would suggest “Barron's International Finance”, “Barron's Dictionary of Banking Terms”, and any of Paul Einzig's or Igon Sohmen's works on international finance, and forward exchange markets, as I am in agreement with these respected works. There are many fine books on the explanations of monetary system mechanics, easily found by accessing most any university library's extensive database. They contain a wealth of information on the above subjects.

The union of Newtonian calculus and Platonic exchange clearing can entirely reshape history and the modern world. You can not possibly imagine the possibilities that exist in the above statement, copied from the original paragraph. All around the world, we see nation after nation being destroyed by currency devaluation competition, hyper-inflation, and massive un-repayable debts. I sincerely ask you, is this sad state of affairs eternally necessary, or will we awaken to the new realities proposed in this book?..... I am not sure, myself, but one thing is certain - If we do not awaken, we will perish. Therefore, I beseech you to take me seriously, and understand what is being discussed and theorized.

Just ask yourself - Is inflation necessary? This is the central tenet around which the larger themes and theories of this work revolve. Since time immemorial, we have been told again and again by many a historian, history was the history of inflation, and always would be. I guess, always would be, on the end, because no one ever suggested a way to end this vicious demon. For the first time in history, a blueprint to end inflation is being offered. Will the world be interested…?

In the final analyses, we must all ask ourselves, why? Why has life taken place and what has been its meaning? Could I have discovered more? Most will enter the grave never knowing. Many will enter never caring. All will have been granted the chance of knowing! I bid you enjoyment on your voyage of discovery.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Peirce/Dewey foundational education quotes...

Hi Herb, here's that quote we assembled last night, plus extras...

It is a true foundation for a self-reliance education___"When one follows their own logic, of self, and or other concepts, to its, and or their grand-finali, one discovers the whole truth of said concepts, by doing the absolute differential and integral mechanics of concepts required, to discover their entire self-truths." HH & LG

The law of self-completion___"Self-educate oneself to the grand-logical-finali, of total differential and integral mechanics of self-conceptual-truth." HH & LG

Application of The Above Laws of Thought

Iff, we apply these laws to last night's debate about economics/credit systems, verses ecology systems/environmentalism, we must apply both sides of the equation of total conceptual mechanics, and not just one, which actually just axiomatizes one over the other or both. Now, you as environmentalist want physiology to be the #1 priority, of "Earth First", and I of course state my #1 priority, of "Economic Earth First". In order to resolve these opposing opinions, we must not only differentiate with Cartesian reduction, but we then must integrate with Peirce and Dewey induction, thoroughly. If we do not integrate all our systems, into either/both system opinion/s, we simply only create a pseudo-axiom of thought, the same problem plaguing the world since DesCartes and before. To only differentiate/reduce systems to our favorite system axiom, ie, "Earth First", "Economics First", or as DeCartes and Marx did, "Humanism First", is to make the gravest mistake of logic and thought possible, as these are just simple differential reductions, thus axioms, and are not true to total systems' integration. We must apply a total conceptual systems' mechanics integration, to all our concepts/axioms, also, to arrive at any truth of our differentials/reductions, therefore; all systems' mechanics must be given their true priorities of global actions, and not simply influenced by our passions. So, if we are to be fair in making clear assessments of thinking, we must compare the priorities of total differentiations and integrations, completely, not partially. When we do this fairly, and using our nation only, as that's all we as Americans are truly responsible for, and politically possible of presently achieving, due to America's duty to her self-preservation "First", whether we like it or not, is the reality. Yet, when we extend our vision to a world, we quickly see the damage of our actions, but we must start where we can be affective, and that's here at home___"First". By starting here at home, we find a nation not in anywhere's near as much environmental stress as are other nations, especially compared to China, Russia and many of Africa's nations. If we falsely extend these nations' environmental stresses onto our own nation, we'd quickly see our own environmental movement, over the last thirty years, pushing our own environmental dirt and damage into such nations as China, Russia and Africa___This we must admit, not deny. To not admit this into the integral side of the necessary equations, to arrive at total systems' truths, is simply fallacious thinking. By admitting said truths, we quickly realize the global ecological/environmental problem is presently beyond our economic-political-environmental power to change___influence maybe, but not change. This is not to say it's not possible somewhere in the future, when America comes under extreme environmental/ecological/physiological stress, to address such problems, but at present, it's way down the list of political priorities for the power-elites, and that's truly who we must address our concerns to, and not to those who think exactly like our own thinking___which goes nowhere...

Herb, all I'm saying is America is not under enough ecological stress yet, to warrent true political action, without doing more damage to America and the world, until it becomes possible to bring China, Russia and Africa under the full power of the "Kyoto Treaty" "First", and this will take great political will, and billions of dollars of support, by environmentalists and other nations' political will and money influence, warrenting major credit system support "First", as otherwise, we simply push our pollution on nations unwilling to support the good-action-environmentalism of the "Kyoto Treaty". In other words, "We do more harm than good", as at present, the wealthier nations are respecting the desires of the "Kyoto Treaty" more than the nations actually signed to it, even as America, not being a signatory, actually respects far more of the "Kyoto Treaty", than does China, a signatory. Therefore, the systems' mechanics integration of credit, market and trade structures must be a major part of any "Earth First" philosophy, to support the ecologists'/environmentalists' desires, as without the economic/political support necessary to sign, and legally enforce, all nations to the "Kyoto Treaty", all efforts will fail, and a much dirtier planet will greet us all, long into the future.

So, axiomatizing "Earth First", "Humanity First", "Ecology/Physiology First", without the integral conceptual mechanics of total systems, is simply a self-defeatest philosophy, as no matter what is thought___money rules all systems___that's not an axiom___it's a fundamental physical fact, and this won't change until ecologists/environmentalists/humanists/physiologists come up with a credit system superior to capitalism/socialism/communism, to support their desires of all "Earth First" philosophies___Without such, it's just pseudo-dream-axiomatic thought, ungrounded in any true economic-political reality___We as humans, have to deal with "Real-Politik", or no politics at all, as it's still a "Dog Eat Dog World", and will be long into China and Russia's economic-political influences, on real world "Politik"...

Note to another...

Hi, and yeah, I'm still here in Rockland, but will be leaving for Florida, sometime in October. As to the economy and politics, everything is really on hold, until Obama takes office. I'll be certified mailing him over the next two months, with my suggestions, and suggestions for whom he needs in and on his eco-political team. I'll be persistent, and really won't stop trying to influence him for his entire term. We and he, need Dr. Paul Davidson and Dr. Jane D'Arista, on his team in a big way. They represent the path America must take to survive, and only they do. It's the same ideas I've supported and written about myself, since the mid-80's. Even Plato was the first to mention "International Financial Architecture" reform, then Benjamin Franklin, Dr. Paul Einzig, John M. Keynes, myself, Dr. Paul Davidson and Jane D'Arista. So, it's not a new eco-political idea; it's just the fact, "True intelligence has never yet been tried." So, let's hope it finally will be...

The Super-Symmetry of “The Laws of Physics”, and The Total Universal Motion of, Absolute and Relative, Particle/Waves

Key___The Decay Death of A Universe…

"The highest truth probability, of the highest truth possibility, is the only truth possibility."


What if I were to tell you, it’s all about the force of infinity on finity, yet only affecting the photon spectrum…? Would you believe me? No. Of course you wouldn’t, unless you happen to be one of the few, who has read and understood, the last three posts, preceding this post, but I’m willing to bet, you have not understood them. So, let me see what I can do to change your mind. First, let me start off with a few simple/complex examples. Take the process of a Japanese Samurai sword maker. What I’m interested in pointing out is the quenching process___how does it truly work, to harden the steel? What is actually going on at the quantum and sub-quantum levels? As the sword-smith heats the sword for the final time, all different steels already pounded in, he’s readying the sword for the final heat tempering quenching, but how does this cold water accomplish its job? What’s the molecular action taking place between furnace and quench tanking? As the sword is heated, it’s releasing black-body radiation___photons, but at the same time, new photons are being hydro-dynamically forced into the hot steel___a fact too often left out. Due to the hydro-dynamics of all atmospheres and wave fronts involved, there are a higher number of photons entering the steel, than are exiting. Now, most would think the opposite, but they’ve not figured the total dynamics in play. When the smith removes the sword, from the furnace, and heads to the quenching tank, dunks it, the photon velocities and spin rates, flowing in and out are knocked out of balance, sealing more photons into the sword, than previously existed, thus creating extreme photon/atomic entanglement, thus hardening the sword. To anneal the same sword, the smith would heat it, and let it cool slowly, thus releasing the extremely entangled photon/atomic structures, to their more normal photon in/out flow.

Before drawing conclusions, let’s take another example, the toughest rope in the world___Spectra Purple Plasma Rope. Believe it or not, this rope is strengthened through almost the identical process, as the steel above. Spectra rope is produced from some of the world’s leading fibers, but the final process of doubling its strength, is a plasma bath. Now, what is a plasma bath? Though this process be patent protected, it’s not too difficult to understand how the plasma heat/chiller works. After final braiding of their rope, it’s passed through the plasma heat bath, and immediately chilled, with extremely cold refrigerants. If you notice, the process is most identical, except the process must be run at lower temperatures, not to harm the rope. It’s again the velocity of photons, being blasted in by the plasma process, then immediately quenched by the chiller behind the plasma injector, thus creating the same photon/atomic entanglement, sealed in. Also, check out Yale Cordage, right here in Maine, as they sell Spectra. The final similarity I would point out is the Casimir effect on sheets of steel or glass. If one realizes how the first two examples function, it’s an easy step to finally understand the true Casimir effect as the same photon/atomic entanglement process, except between smooth surfaces.

Now, what’s this all to do with the super-symmetry of “the laws of physics”, and the total universal motion of, absolute and relative, particle/waves? Well, I needed a foundation to start my story with___my point being this much strength does not come from zero mass waves___the waves of photons absolutely must have, at the least, a minimal potential mass composite, as particle mass structure, to achieve this great doubling plus, of strength… This is at the small end of the quantum and sub-quantum actions, here before our eyes, and I could also offer another fundamental strength material, Zylon, as I’ve actually worked with this thread. Just take a look at the molecular structure, lots of photon entanglement potential, in the carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen, with all its associated photon action between its many electrons/protons. I’ve actually seen the sparks coming off this thread, when I had to cut it with a dremel wheel, as it dulled my very sharp knife___again, potential/actual mass photon entanglement. Now, though this may be only relational ideas, to what I truly want to show, it may be enough, so that maybe I can now move to the universal laws and wave/particle motions, by way of “A Total Universal Decay Model”.

Using absolute differential logic, and following it fully to its final truth facts, we would find, iff, our entire finite universe fully radiation decays, to its final fundamental product, that product by all the known laws of physics, and all its known experiments, absolutely must be photons, of all the wave spectrum, and finity’s associated mass included in these absolute fundamental photons. Since we know this logic to be true, from the already established decay rates, whether Hawking’s or others___at anywhere from 10^26 years for protons, to as high as 10^1500 years, for the largest neutron stars, and smaller black-holes, plus tungsten and other extremely hard and heavy metals, radio-active cesium and others, etc., the fact remains___eventual decay is absolute, iff, the universe keeps expanding, as is now thought___this is the highest probability, of the highest possibility, thus the only possibility, as relates to decay mechanics. Contrary-wise, if the highest probability, of the highest impossibility, is the only impossibility, be applied, what logic can support it, superior to the above logic?

Now, once we have used all our absolute differentiation logics, to their fullest capacities, we must come to the conclusion, of the truths of the above, as we’ve many actual experiments to verify these decay facts, in the small, in many of the world’s science labs. I always like to use the atomic clock___the cesium atom, as it represents an accurate record of finity’s decay rate. Though it be slow, it is happening, and as the light cone expands, finity loses mass to the outer extremities of our present universe, and some has already distanced itself beyond the CMBR. Now, once we can accept the requirement of this total finity decay to photons, as there’s nothing else found, that matter finally decays into, and the fact they must contain the minimal mass potential of the entirety of a decayed finity, we’d very quickly have to accept this as a very large total mass potential factor, i.e., enough to build another real universal cycle from. For this we’ll have to use absolute integral logic, and truly see what we are fully looking at…

Is the fundamental photon universe of decay all that’s required to build a new finite universe, from this massive photon field? No…! There’s nothing stopping the photons from flying off into infinity, or is there? Einstein said finity was unbounded, i.e., possibly infinite, but is it? Einstein’s ideas also allow for curved space. Could curved space be enclosing this decayed finity? No, not all of it, due to uncharged particles straight paths, and if some of it escapes, we violate the laws of conservation, so something else must be enclosing our finite universe, but what? This is where I have coined the new space of “The Super-Quantum Continuum”, to allow intellect, differential and integral logic, and our abstract theories, to have an observer position, to sit freely, seeing a new model, of a newly possible universal mechanics. Let the super-quantum continuum equal a totally empty void infinite space, totally devoid of all motion, and degrees of freedom, an absolute zero Kelvin continuum, bounding by its no boundary condition, of being the absolutely un-moving mover, of all finity, i.e., the total finite photon sea. Such a space would possess the absolute hydro-dynamic force necessary, to yield all necessary motion and bounding to the finite photon sea, thus keeping it in absolute eternal motion, by its natural scientific autonomous hydro-dynamic actions of mechanics, and also bounding by differentiation of forces___The force of least action, which turns out to also be, the force of most action, being infinite and eternal, as it is…

Now, with this integrating logical system, and our absolute integral logic, we can easily build another universe, from what we already know about quantum, relative and classical physics and science, except, we start from a sensible fundamental substance and related motions/masses, before jumping to a big-bang, with no past history. This makes sense to our common senses, and our reasoning and logic engines, without which we are left with a science and physics’ incompleteness, of a universe coming from nothing___The absolute highest probability, of the absolute highest impossibility, thus the absolute impossibility___I choose the absolute highest probability, of the absolute highest possibility, thus the only absolute possibility___Real photons, with real mass...

The Uncertainty Principle___Pure Chance___Random Motion

Now, let’s look directly into the uncertainty principle, pure chance of random motions, since that’s what would exist in our totally decayed finity model, just as Charles Sanders Peirce described it. We are looking at the entire spectrum of em waves, going in all directions and paths possible, yet we have to form uniform micro and macro black-holes, from all these random motions, and chances of coherence, into said uniformity. Let’s also realize the hydro-dynamic pressures of infinity on our finity, which would also produce handedness___chirality of many of the spectrum’s motions. Now, maybe we have enough actions to create a few super-positioning of random linear waves, into chiralling of opposite and same handednesses, of our spectrum’s motions. By the laws of necessity of quantum mechanics all possible positions happening are required, and we certainly have a model capable of passing from random linear chance motions, into angular spin uniform formations. Let two or many photon waves just super-position___that’s one way, but they’re still traveling linear, so let two or many photon waves chiral and super-position___still linear, so let two, more or many photon waves meet from opposing directions of handedness, chiralling, and super-positioning. Now, we have the makings of uniform formations, due to the added hydro-dynamics of the wave densities thus created. Let’s say we have long type radio waves, and shorter type micro waves, in the collisions/super-positionings, and see if we can look deep into such a mechanics. Just as a long wave entering any more dense mass, here on earth, such as our atmosphere, would have its frontal wave slowed first, thus as the wave tail approached the wave front, the laws of physics demand an increase in angular spin, due to the conservation of angular momentum. Now, as on earth, so in primal space, all the symmetry of the laws of physics must apply, so as a less dense wave spectrum encounters a more dense wave condition, such as would exist with wave collisions, our radio wave, having a longer signature, hitting our micro wave having a shorter signature, the radio wave tail approaching its own wave front, would be required to increase its angular spin, in deep space, just as here on earth, in more dense mediums. Such process, multiplied by the necessary possibilities of quantum actions, of many spectral waves, chiralling, super-positioning and having same and opposite handednesses, all coming together at any point in space, would be required to form uniform angular spins, thus forming our first micro black-holes, and due to the heat of hydro-dynamic collisions and super-positionings involved, would excrete some of these wave spectrum spins, as radiation. It’s all the same process, all the way up to macro-black-holes, except most likely containing many of the spectrums more lively, and higher mass photon particle waves. So we can either have a many micro-black-holes short lived explosions, or a many macro-black-holes long lived, on into galaxy centers, later exploding into our star, planet and moon galaxies, or a grand singularity of one humongous black-hole, exploding into our entire finite universe. I have no preference for either, as that’s beyond my epistemological capacity___I’ll leave it to you to make up your own mind what model you like the best, but the uncertainty principle certainly worked, as above, eons ago, and will most likely do so, many eons into the future, and BTW, gravity is the loop quantum entanglement of all the motions taking place in all organizations of super-positionings’ total internal motions___i.e., star hydro-dynamics explains all the centripetal, centrifugal, centrifical, centrifissal, centrifusal and all other motions happening, but “gravity/affinity” is always a “force”, “never an attraction”, as all that exists is force(wave/particles force all particles/atomic structures together and apart, and hold all orbits as are seen), which is later explained in the other posts, as quantum and sub-quantum entanglements, at all distances affected, yet the laws of gravity and relativity fully apply...

Hydro-dynamics, super-positioning and the chiralling, opposite and same handedness, linear/cycloids are the key, to our universe’s total mechanics, as long as photons are understood as absolute self-contained quantities of motion/energy, controlled by the absolute law of linear to cycloidic motions at absolute c, operating by the laws of relative motions, within the absolute c velocity motions, of the universe’s absolutely conserved total motions…

Quantum and Sub-Quantum Bio-Mechanics___A Model

(the above sub-quantum defined as the inner states of QCD)
åMr = -pÄMh ® - µ C2® µ (formulas wouldn't translate, NEW FORMULA LINK__IE5+ required username; lgillespie password; wolf9999 ,then click My Drive, and file is at bottom of page; Universal mass.doc ))} The sum of structured matter/mass potential equals, minus pi, tensor n, approaching the infinitesimal, times light squared, approaching infinity, i.e., the path formula for a linear photon to a spinning photon, i.e., absolute linear/string form to absolute cycloid form, with real mass. å[Mr = YÄMh ® µ * , : yÄMh ® -µ * Mr ® µ } The sum of the supreme ultimate mass potential equals the quantum state to the tensor mass number approaching infinity, multiplied, and or, divided by, quantum motion to the tensor mass number approaching the infinitesimal, times the measured mass potential approaching infinity… The second formula is most correct, and I wish the first formula were most correct also, but it will have to be re-written to the correct and workable logic symbols, by tensor mathematicians, with more skill than I possess. Still the first formula's description is true, as well as is the second formula... What I had noticed over my years of research, was we had lots of formulas for taking the world and universe apart or exploding it, but few integral formulas, at the true fundamental level. Though E = MC^2 is a beautiful formulation, and Cantor's set theory is a beautiful number theory, neither truly offer any mechanics of the fundamental infinitesimal particle/wave motions' constitutions, or mass formulations, so I've attempted to fill this void, with at the minimum, a fully working abstract model… BTW, E=MC^2 also equals, E=FC^2,(let F = total assumed known finity) and å[EMp = FTDmpC2 ® UÄhcÙ2 ® å¦ (let U equal a new evolving universe, and let  equal new universe) interprets as, the sum of the supreme ultimate energy mass potential of a universe, equals a universe’s total finity’s decay mass potential, times the velocity of light squared, and finally to the re-spinning, re-cycling re-formation, to the tensor number, times light velocity squared, thus creating the sum or a new (¦) finite universe___or a formula for the total assumed known finity’s, photon mass potential, of a universe, then rebuilding into the next universal cycle, of the absolute fundamental photons, into fixed finite structured matter, through many small-bang black-holes, or the surmised single big-bang black-hole universal evolution…

The above preliminary formulations represent the correlations and correspondences, between Charles Sanders Peirce’s triadic retro-ductive logics and inter-relational ideas and algebras; and Alfred North Whitehead’s triple triadic, “pan-psychic” logic, of his nine “categoreal obligations”, of prehension’s quantum chance motions, which also feed directly into Richard Feynman’s QCED’s necessities of fundamental matter’s motions…

“Iff”, we simply look at the fundamental proton, as an inverse micro-galaxy system, made up by varying spectral wave photonic cycloids, orbiting a central stable state photon cycloid micro-black-hole, we may be able, by applying the total symmetry of physics’ laws, to see far deeper into a QCD mechanics model, than has thus far been achieved. The reason I mention this is I recently realized, the bio-cell division and growth process, would require the in-cell creation of photons to protons and electrons, etc., for any possible cell multiplication, and real life-growth. We already know “The no cloning theorem”, of quantum mechanics law prevents us from saying protons/electrons are cloned, so, through fully using my absolute differential and integral logic engine, I am required to state, “Photons are absolutely required to be the only fundamental substance, we absolutely know of, passing through the cell___Photons”. So, “iff” photons pass through the primary sell, which we now know they do, this would mean those protons/electrons are different, i.e., soft matter protons, as the photons must pass in and out of all primary cell structures, to frame drag the necessary micro-structures to the new-cell’s DNA/RNAi formations and growth, especially the new cell-division’s proton/electron creation, or else we have a true ghost in the system, and I state___”That is foolish”. So, the only mechanics left is true soft-matter proton/electron re-production by photons, in the new cell divisions, thus the QCD, of the primary cell, is far more complex than thus far surmised. I’ll state it again, “Photons form protons/electrons, in soft bio-matter…”

We need a sub-quantum mapping of what’s inside the QCD of protons. I’ll state, “Linear quanta states, turn to spin quanta states, as matter/wave density increases, due to the two motion conservation laws, angular momentum, and wave density reduces c velocity, thus increases spin, and always maintains absolute c mass, within the conservation of aggregate absolute c motion.” This should give a foundation for what the internal motions and structures of the proton must map to, though it will take much work. An easy real world example of the micro in the macro, is an h-bomb explosion, which would be___Abolute spin quanta --> Absolute linear quanta, or cycloids to near-strings, of real absolute matter, and we already know the velocities --> High. The symmetry of the laws of physics require the same macro laws of motion apply to the micro, as well, thus the QCD of protons should have the same internal motion dynamics --> inverse, unless you want to invent new laws of physics___I don’t think so. You’ll probably have to see the truth of many trans-paradoxes, to fully understand all I write, but I know your abstract differential and integral logic engine is up to the task… All physics is based on absolute c, by Einstein, I’m just extending it to the absolute c motion, of all quanta motions being conserved, i.e., each photon in the entire spectrum is eternally conserved, except possibly re-adjusted inside black-holes and massive stars, in the next universal cycle___for us it’s fully conserved. IMHO, it’s an absolute light universe, as finity decays into nothing but absolute light___Photons at absolute c___Einstein’s absolute photon, on its relative journey___Time…

The key secret to it all is true photon mass --> motion…

With this, and the other three posts, I hope I’ve explained myself enough. If not, e-mail me at;

A Triadic Phenomena of Nature

"Photons___The Absolute Tensor Cycloids..."

“First law must exist, before any law can exist. Just a simple absolute principle, even of first random motions, toward later uniformity.” :-)

"It's a, fundamentally, polyadic universe, not a monadic 'one'..." :-)

"The choice is, everything evolving from absolute nothing, or everything evolving from an absolute something. I choose the absolute something..." :-)

"The dancing metaphors___The concepts of the concepts..." :-)

(beware___strong theoretical content...the dog may bite...)

"Nature's triadic secret is the "spectral index", working in conjunction with the "periodic table index", working in conjunction with the "entire laws of absolute and relative motions' index"(which is nothing more than the total motions of fundamental matter)___Nature's triadic index of all actions..."

(new addition to post)"Stepping back from the triadic, it only requires a dyadic index(spectral and collisional heat indexes of) to form the rocks of a black-hole/star universe, while a triadic index is required to form the bio-sphere. Compound chemical processes are, and require, a triadic index___The beginning of bio-evolution... Black-holes and stars hydrodynamically force light/photons into stable super-positions, called protons(containing a triad of quarks, etc.), electrons etc. Absolute differential and integral logic requires, First photons ---> First black-hole ---> First star, because it was dark, before it was light...(modern era universe, also most likely contain hot swirling gasses of star nurseries --> stars) The first micro black-holes first indexing of a universe___First tick of a universal clock... In order for matter to have energy, energy first had to enter matter___Absolute law necessity___The energy to matter building process___yet matter equals energy at c___Einstein's equivalence principle___sameness, yet different state... The absolute cyclic universe___Energy ---> Matter ---> Energy ---> Matter ---> "8"(let "8" equal eternal infinity)... Black-holes are absolutely required, as first star had to evolve from a first black-hole___Where's the material to build first black-hole?___The "uncreatable indestructable" absolute photons... The "uncreatable indestructable" is absolutely required, to build a universe___Lewis' photons... The Higgs Boson ---> Photon___Higgs ---< photon... Back in evolutionary time, far enough, the "heat index" produced the "spectral index". Back still further, the zero K, zero degree of freedom "hydrodynamic index", produced the motion and heat index, but it's all from the "uncreatable indestructable" individual photons... Absolute T=0K Free Infinity Point, Natural Autonomous Hydro-Dynamic Energy, "Force", Runs the Entire Universe___The zero motion squeeze factor/function___The "force" of infinity on finity, yet only affecting the photon spectrum___The hydrodynamic empty void shadow of our universe___No-thing is mighty fundamental___The Shadow Speaks..."

"Upon reflection, absolute differential and integral logic, has discovered through the total information presented, in these three related posts___The photon is absolutely required to possess a minimal infinitesimal mass potential, or at the least, convert its energy to mass at lower velocities, in more dense mediums. Iff, the photon be the only substance remaining from a future total universal decay, all matter/mass potential would be invested in this near infinite photon sea, thus requiring it to possess, the entire past mass potential of the decayed universe into photons___The total unity of all the laws of physics, and cyclic matter/mass motions, allow "no other possibility", and decay theory also means, all heat energy to waves/particles, must be, inclusively and exclusively, real photon mass potential. This entire theory requires no virtual particles___Just a truth of fundamental infinitesimal photons..."

Since I first began differentiating the world of adults, from my own world, I’ve wondered about every great and tiny detail of life and nature. Never did it occur to me I’d be lead on the path I’ve traveled, from the tiny town of Meddybemps, Maine, to the highest halls of modern academia’s most famous sciences. In my research, I’ve met many of the world’s true master-minds of world thought, and to this very moment, the greatest seem to hail from a distant past, and still more in the reformation era, then in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Whether it be the earliest Greeks, Indians, Egyptians, or the great thinkers from Galileo to Civita, there is a fine thread of logical truth running through them all, made prominent by their linkages through the natural laws of nature, science and numbers…

I learned that logic is differentiation and integration, and absolute logic is absolute differentiation and integration of all the pieces one first takes apart. Of course, in the beginning, all I did was take apart, and my father was quite quick at pointing out the errors of my ways, but as life progressed, I did learn to re-assemble what I either physically or mentally dis-assembled. The biggest project has been my dis-assembly and re-assembly of our nation and world’s economic systems, our world’s physical, chemical and biological systems, then the entire universe’s functions. So, what have I learned?

The laws of physics require eternal absolute existence of the “un-creatable and indestructable” triadic fundamentals. In other words, the laws of physics themselves, to exist, must be preceded by the absolute law of all laws, but what I’ve discovered, is that that first fundamental law is all the other laws, combined. As I stated in the last post, the law of the absolute conservation of all universal motion, must precede all actions in the primordial super-quantum/quantum/sub-quantum continuum. Now, why is this? Just think about one high energy gamma ray/wave… The laws of physics, we presently know, require the thermodynamic equilibrium state of proton energies, incoming and outgoing, be conserved, and always respect entropy, or the slow loss of energy due to heat loss. Also, the conservation law of angular momentum must stand, yet these laws couldn’t stand or hold, unless they were first, as in prime universal motion. If second, there’d be no possible recourse of balancing the conservation required___They are absolutely required to exist as nature’s “first state” law. This means we must understand the universe, before the big-bang state, in order to understand universal evolution, but how?

First, we must realize all the laws of physics pertain to all states of the universe, even quantum and sub-quantum gravities___this gets explained later. This allows us to design and understand an entirely new natural law system of all universal motions. As in the last article, I gave the law of the conservation of the motion of the absolute cycloids, but hadn’t realized its absolute requirement, at that time. First laws must be the first laws of all motions, due to the simple fact of no motion input possible, for any part of the universe, unless that first law of absolute motion, was first. The universe would have long ago experienced entropy and heat death, otherwise. So, why doesn’t our universe experience a faster entropy cycle and said heat death? This is where the logic of triads comes in, as a universe pseudo-understood as a monadic origin, initial state, is simply impossible of the dynamics necessary to a true functioning triadic state universe. The triadic state fields are necessary for logic, and a logical universe, to mechanically function, at all. Without the super-quantum continuum’s state of absolute zero K thermo-hydro-dynamics, of zero degree freedom, there’d be nothing creating the prime first motion___its zero K also prevents heat death. Of course this has been an eternal process, but for logic to make sense, we can abstractly evolve the fundamental particles into all evolutionary states, just to satisfy our over-thirsty logic engine. After that we must look at these fundamental photons, as I already showed how the laws of conservation of matter/energy require them to eternally exist, due to a future universal decay model. The result, by the laws of physics, must be em-waves___photons. But what about the complexity of the huge number of varying frequency and energy photons?

And again, we revert back to the natural laws of nature and physics, to the fact that first absolute motions must be eternally existing, in each individual photon, from the lowliest radio wave, to the most mighty gamma ray, and conform to the total particle/wave universal law of absolute conservation of each quantity of motion, to the total conservation of absolute eternal universal motion. Now, if you haven’t expanded your mind, yet, to the triadic nature of our phenomenally complex universe, this may be hard to understand, but if you think seriously about these universal laws compatibility, you may see how the entire universe actually functions. All the trillions, to the power of trillions, of photons, and the thousands +, millions, or trillions(true # yet undetermined) of possible frequencies/wave lengths, must operate by the laws of internal self-set eternal motion laws___as one wave is going linear, another may just as easily be turning cyclic, or to its spin state, according to the densities of the medium of other waves present, in the self-state transition of all others___of course this most likely came about by the many previous cycles of our universe, through many black-hole, galaxy and star stages... Yes, some wave/particles do collide, but no wave can destroy another, except ghost particles, ie, temporary neutrons/positrons___they can only super-position, thus build into larger structures, from micro black-holes to macro black-holes, galaxies, stars or whatever. I can’t say whether it was one big-bang, or many small bangs, but my logic and perception of our real universe tells me it was many small bangs, independently creating our galaxy systems, as there’s really no other explanation for earth’s heaviest metals, since they had to come from stars larger and hotter than ours, yet CMBR says it was possibly a big-bang…

Again, the laws of nature and science, must be locked in initial conditions to exist___First law, and absolutely eternally required, or all physics laws are invalid, and we know they are not. The laws require the tautology of their own existence first, to exist at all___just a logical fact of nature___First or none. Now, as to gravity/affinity/force(there are no attractions___it's all force), I think it becomes quite evident what it is, and how it works, when one mentally follows this logic to its final result, of our existing universe, that gravity is simply the balance of forces, of all motions and fields, controlled by Helmholtz’s law of conservation of forces___this just leads back to the circular tautology of law’s first cause, absolute necessity. If you want to figure gravity absolutely, you’d have to figure the total quantity motion of all particle/wave motions' forces___thus it’s easier to use the existing mass formulas. This is just the simple experiential view of mass’s operations, when totally realized as cycloids, existing inside/aside cycloids, forming all masses and gravities, forming all real substance matter___and the ball we live on…

Cycloids only super-position with one another, even of different frequencies, yet never penetrate each other, to build protons, neutrons, positrons, electrons and all universal wave structures and matters, and when critical masses are reached excrete cycloids to other cycloids and linearities, through either sub-quantum entanglements, or mis-alignments sending them off for new super-positionings with other more distant cycloids, per cycloid and linear densities incurred. Frame dragging of lesser and greater substances must also always be considered, at the bio-levels, and even universal levels, where gasses are present. Handedness, or chirality also plays its hands, but this takes x-ray crystallography to see, so I’ll leave that to others, with the proper equipment…

The two articles before this post should be thoroughly read, and the links thoroughly checked, to verify the above. Any questions? Just e-mail me at: