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A Triadic Phenomena of Nature

"Photons___The Absolute Tensor Cycloids..."

“First law must exist, before any law can exist. Just a simple absolute principle, even of first random motions, toward later uniformity.” :-)

"It's a, fundamentally, polyadic universe, not a monadic 'one'..." :-)

"The choice is, everything evolving from absolute nothing, or everything evolving from an absolute something. I choose the absolute something..." :-)

"The dancing metaphors___The concepts of the concepts..." :-)

(beware___strong theoretical content...the dog may bite...)

"Nature's triadic secret is the "spectral index", working in conjunction with the "periodic table index", working in conjunction with the "entire laws of absolute and relative motions' index"(which is nothing more than the total motions of fundamental matter)___Nature's triadic index of all actions..."

(new addition to post)"Stepping back from the triadic, it only requires a dyadic index(spectral and collisional heat indexes of) to form the rocks of a black-hole/star universe, while a triadic index is required to form the bio-sphere. Compound chemical processes are, and require, a triadic index___The beginning of bio-evolution... Black-holes and stars hydrodynamically force light/photons into stable super-positions, called protons(containing a triad of quarks, etc.), electrons etc. Absolute differential and integral logic requires, First photons ---> First black-hole ---> First star, because it was dark, before it was light...(modern era universe, also most likely contain hot swirling gasses of star nurseries --> stars) The first micro black-holes first indexing of a universe___First tick of a universal clock... In order for matter to have energy, energy first had to enter matter___Absolute law necessity___The energy to matter building process___yet matter equals energy at c___Einstein's equivalence principle___sameness, yet different state... The absolute cyclic universe___Energy ---> Matter ---> Energy ---> Matter ---> "8"(let "8" equal eternal infinity)... Black-holes are absolutely required, as first star had to evolve from a first black-hole___Where's the material to build first black-hole?___The "uncreatable indestructable" absolute photons... The "uncreatable indestructable" is absolutely required, to build a universe___Lewis' photons... The Higgs Boson ---> Photon___Higgs ---< photon... Back in evolutionary time, far enough, the "heat index" produced the "spectral index". Back still further, the zero K, zero degree of freedom "hydrodynamic index", produced the motion and heat index, but it's all from the "uncreatable indestructable" individual photons... Absolute T=0K Free Infinity Point, Natural Autonomous Hydro-Dynamic Energy, "Force", Runs the Entire Universe___The zero motion squeeze factor/function___The "force" of infinity on finity, yet only affecting the photon spectrum___The hydrodynamic empty void shadow of our universe___No-thing is mighty fundamental___The Shadow Speaks..."

"Upon reflection, absolute differential and integral logic, has discovered through the total information presented, in these three related posts___The photon is absolutely required to possess a minimal infinitesimal mass potential, or at the least, convert its energy to mass at lower velocities, in more dense mediums. Iff, the photon be the only substance remaining from a future total universal decay, all matter/mass potential would be invested in this near infinite photon sea, thus requiring it to possess, the entire past mass potential of the decayed universe into photons___The total unity of all the laws of physics, and cyclic matter/mass motions, allow "no other possibility", and decay theory also means, all heat energy to waves/particles, must be, inclusively and exclusively, real photon mass potential. This entire theory requires no virtual particles___Just a truth of fundamental infinitesimal photons..."

Since I first began differentiating the world of adults, from my own world, I’ve wondered about every great and tiny detail of life and nature. Never did it occur to me I’d be lead on the path I’ve traveled, from the tiny town of Meddybemps, Maine, to the highest halls of modern academia’s most famous sciences. In my research, I’ve met many of the world’s true master-minds of world thought, and to this very moment, the greatest seem to hail from a distant past, and still more in the reformation era, then in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Whether it be the earliest Greeks, Indians, Egyptians, or the great thinkers from Galileo to Civita, there is a fine thread of logical truth running through them all, made prominent by their linkages through the natural laws of nature, science and numbers…

I learned that logic is differentiation and integration, and absolute logic is absolute differentiation and integration of all the pieces one first takes apart. Of course, in the beginning, all I did was take apart, and my father was quite quick at pointing out the errors of my ways, but as life progressed, I did learn to re-assemble what I either physically or mentally dis-assembled. The biggest project has been my dis-assembly and re-assembly of our nation and world’s economic systems, our world’s physical, chemical and biological systems, then the entire universe’s functions. So, what have I learned?

The laws of physics require eternal absolute existence of the “un-creatable and indestructable” triadic fundamentals. In other words, the laws of physics themselves, to exist, must be preceded by the absolute law of all laws, but what I’ve discovered, is that that first fundamental law is all the other laws, combined. As I stated in the last post, the law of the absolute conservation of all universal motion, must precede all actions in the primordial super-quantum/quantum/sub-quantum continuum. Now, why is this? Just think about one high energy gamma ray/wave… The laws of physics, we presently know, require the thermodynamic equilibrium state of proton energies, incoming and outgoing, be conserved, and always respect entropy, or the slow loss of energy due to heat loss. Also, the conservation law of angular momentum must stand, yet these laws couldn’t stand or hold, unless they were first, as in prime universal motion. If second, there’d be no possible recourse of balancing the conservation required___They are absolutely required to exist as nature’s “first state” law. This means we must understand the universe, before the big-bang state, in order to understand universal evolution, but how?

First, we must realize all the laws of physics pertain to all states of the universe, even quantum and sub-quantum gravities___this gets explained later. This allows us to design and understand an entirely new natural law system of all universal motions. As in the last article, I gave the law of the conservation of the motion of the absolute cycloids, but hadn’t realized its absolute requirement, at that time. First laws must be the first laws of all motions, due to the simple fact of no motion input possible, for any part of the universe, unless that first law of absolute motion, was first. The universe would have long ago experienced entropy and heat death, otherwise. So, why doesn’t our universe experience a faster entropy cycle and said heat death? This is where the logic of triads comes in, as a universe pseudo-understood as a monadic origin, initial state, is simply impossible of the dynamics necessary to a true functioning triadic state universe. The triadic state fields are necessary for logic, and a logical universe, to mechanically function, at all. Without the super-quantum continuum’s state of absolute zero K thermo-hydro-dynamics, of zero degree freedom, there’d be nothing creating the prime first motion___its zero K also prevents heat death. Of course this has been an eternal process, but for logic to make sense, we can abstractly evolve the fundamental particles into all evolutionary states, just to satisfy our over-thirsty logic engine. After that we must look at these fundamental photons, as I already showed how the laws of conservation of matter/energy require them to eternally exist, due to a future universal decay model. The result, by the laws of physics, must be em-waves___photons. But what about the complexity of the huge number of varying frequency and energy photons?

And again, we revert back to the natural laws of nature and physics, to the fact that first absolute motions must be eternally existing, in each individual photon, from the lowliest radio wave, to the most mighty gamma ray, and conform to the total particle/wave universal law of absolute conservation of each quantity of motion, to the total conservation of absolute eternal universal motion. Now, if you haven’t expanded your mind, yet, to the triadic nature of our phenomenally complex universe, this may be hard to understand, but if you think seriously about these universal laws compatibility, you may see how the entire universe actually functions. All the trillions, to the power of trillions, of photons, and the thousands +, millions, or trillions(true # yet undetermined) of possible frequencies/wave lengths, must operate by the laws of internal self-set eternal motion laws___as one wave is going linear, another may just as easily be turning cyclic, or to its spin state, according to the densities of the medium of other waves present, in the self-state transition of all others___of course this most likely came about by the many previous cycles of our universe, through many black-hole, galaxy and star stages... Yes, some wave/particles do collide, but no wave can destroy another, except ghost particles, ie, temporary neutrons/positrons___they can only super-position, thus build into larger structures, from micro black-holes to macro black-holes, galaxies, stars or whatever. I can’t say whether it was one big-bang, or many small bangs, but my logic and perception of our real universe tells me it was many small bangs, independently creating our galaxy systems, as there’s really no other explanation for earth’s heaviest metals, since they had to come from stars larger and hotter than ours, yet CMBR says it was possibly a big-bang…

Again, the laws of nature and science, must be locked in initial conditions to exist___First law, and absolutely eternally required, or all physics laws are invalid, and we know they are not. The laws require the tautology of their own existence first, to exist at all___just a logical fact of nature___First or none. Now, as to gravity/affinity/force(there are no attractions___it's all force), I think it becomes quite evident what it is, and how it works, when one mentally follows this logic to its final result, of our existing universe, that gravity is simply the balance of forces, of all motions and fields, controlled by Helmholtz’s law of conservation of forces___this just leads back to the circular tautology of law’s first cause, absolute necessity. If you want to figure gravity absolutely, you’d have to figure the total quantity motion of all particle/wave motions' forces___thus it’s easier to use the existing mass formulas. This is just the simple experiential view of mass’s operations, when totally realized as cycloids, existing inside/aside cycloids, forming all masses and gravities, forming all real substance matter___and the ball we live on…

Cycloids only super-position with one another, even of different frequencies, yet never penetrate each other, to build protons, neutrons, positrons, electrons and all universal wave structures and matters, and when critical masses are reached excrete cycloids to other cycloids and linearities, through either sub-quantum entanglements, or mis-alignments sending them off for new super-positionings with other more distant cycloids, per cycloid and linear densities incurred. Frame dragging of lesser and greater substances must also always be considered, at the bio-levels, and even universal levels, where gasses are present. Handedness, or chirality also plays its hands, but this takes x-ray crystallography to see, so I’ll leave that to others, with the proper equipment…

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