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The Bio-Life Matrix___The Absolute Cycloids

"A Sense Grounded, Life Cycle..."

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"A single photon, on the sharp edge of a razor blade, would look like a bee-bee, rolling down an eight lane highway." :-) :-)

(beware___strong theoretical content...the dog may bite...)

"One must transcend the monads, to the triadic enlightenment, of clear thinking." :-) (Tis absolutely impossible for the absolute numbers "zero" and "one", to truly exist in real nature and a universe___{they exist only in abstract number theory, though we do percieve and use real zeros and ones, of many parts}, due to the matter/energy conservation law, other than inferring into logic, "One" absolute universe of many parts, and what we infer into logic, as absolute "Zero" K state temperature{zero degrees of freedom} of a universe___possibly the truth of the super-quantum continuum.)

"A Triadic Universal Feild Theory___1.The infinite super-quantum continuum. 2.The infinitesimal sub-quantum state. 3.The finite quantum state.___The sub-quantum unites, the quantum and relative mechanics, in the super-quantum continuum.___The supreme ultimate equals, the quantum state, differentiated and integrated, by the sub-quantum state."

"Light spectrum correspondence to the periodic table. S --< PT ___Photons___Engine of the universe... The isomorphic photons...? Photons were “uncreatable and indestructible"___Triadic motion theory of Gilbert Lewis___Coined the term photon___Studied Gibbs, thoroughly... Nature's triadic secret is the "spectral index", working in conjunction with the "periodic table index", working in conjunction with the "entire laws of absolute and relative motions' index"___Nature's triadic index of all actions..."

"The thermo-hydro-dynamic tensor of all universal fields and motions___A deeper understanding of Tullio Levi-Civita is recommended..." "Continuum mechanics" "Absolute differentiation"

"All the laws of physics' motions, exist in the law of absolute conservation of motion, of photonic cycloids, at c. Absolute c photon at highest velocity state is linear, and largest wave size. Absolute c photon at lowest rest velocity is highest spin state, and smallest particle size. All other velocity and size states exist, between the max/min and min/max states. Both absolute and relative motion mechanics, are absolutely true."

"Orders of magnetude, for understanding all universal sizes. Acceptable, though there are other scales___Best overall coverage."

"Possible solution to the continuum hypothesis___Negative infinitesimal infinity, to the power of infinity equals, one universe. It's all absolute eternal fundamental photons, and absolute zero K eternal thermo-hydro-dynamic motion of..."

"Russell's pseudo-paradox___"The set of all sets, does not contain the set of itself." "Let Dirac's photon sea fill the pseudo-empty set, and the set of all sets, contains all self-actions within the true finite photonic universe. Iff the infinite void be considered, as the empty set, then Russell's paradox is still untrue, as said true infinity contains all. It's all a matter of perspectival position, and interpretation of the observer, to eliminate the paradox. Mother wit and common sense, can abstractly sit in any world..."

"Biology's index of actions, is the self-existing periodic table. Memory is the self-created index of actions, of all beings."

"The complex eigen-hydrodynamics of sub-quantum "gravity/affinity/force"...? Loop sub-quantum entanglement "gravity/affinity/force", of loop quantum entanglement "gravity/affinity/force"___?(affinity, as infinity ----> zero, plus its scientific chemical deffinition)" "Lee Smolin at The Pamimeter Institute"

"It's all a matter of sub-quantum-eigen/sub-quantum-vector spaces..." "Eigen-Paradox possibly solved..."

DesCartes, Beeckman, Huyghens, Leibniz Link:
Charles Sanders Peirce Links: 6 Intros 6 Volumes Graphs
Patrick J. Coppock on Peirce
A. Nicolaidis and Peirce
Grisha Perelman 2008 #1 #2 #3
DNA and the phosphate backbone molecular structure...
Louis Kauffman___Biologic & Perceptron Logic #1 #2 #3
Perceptron Logic
Eigenvalue, Eigenvector and Eigenspace
"Alexander Zaserskiy___Sub-Quantum Paradigm Mechanics___Sub-QFT..."
"Tullio Levi-Civita" "L-C Symbol" "L-C Connection"

The Triadic Knowledge Diamond___ Gibbs' Triadic Statistical Mechanics, Peirce's Triadic Logic Mechanics, & Civita's Triadic Tensor Mechanics___The Triadic Diamond Formula (-"8"^"8"=1U)(let "8" = infinity and -"8" = infinitesimal & U = universe) {the negative infinitesimal, to the power of infinity equals one universe} The completeness of Cantor's continuum hypothesis. Absolute differential calculus {10^137yrs. = -"8"^"8"=1U}(let 10^137 = Hawking total universal decay to photons___the absolute fundamental eternal particles/waves/energy/matter___matter/energy can never be destroyed law). The Bio-Matter Function (-"8"^"8"=1U) Quantum and Sub-Quantum Mechanics, function differently in Bio-Matter, than in Geo-Matter___The Knowledge Diamond Key___The Secrets of Light...!

All waves of light/photons travel at c linerly, in the continuum vacuum, and reduce velocity upon entering any soft medium, of greater density than the vacuum, yet increase spin velocity, in ratio to viscosity of said medium___in hard mediums, spin velocity increases the most, and in prisms, separates into the light spectrum. All photons follow the same laws of established physics, except DesCartes' law of absolute quantity of motion is absolutely true, with the above cycloidic dynamics, of Beeckman and Leibniz, and would actually be Hawking's micro-black holes, at absolute c in vacuum, where chiral motions of the continuum, would entangle some photonic wave/particles, while others would continue on their path, and the possibility also exists for further universal motion and vacuum itself being produced by these micro-black-hole's forming/exhausting their contents, as they are required to only instaneously exist, by standard physics laws and maths... All monads/photons are the absolute fundamental substance, constituting the entire universe, but instead of being Leibniz's living monad, they exist mechanically objectively of the mind, except also existing in our minds, reflecting our reality into us, for us to interpret, and through the entire dynamics of universal mechanics of all non-entangled, and entangled motions, i.e., they also perform all first-life actions, at the extreme micro level and thought, as well as all first-micro-macro actions at the universal and local levels.

All frequencies, vibrations, and harmonics of the absolute fundamental substance, is controlled by the densities of the mediums, photons travel through___they are the fundamental particle/wave, not the seemed result of energy excretions. They enter, or form, all matter structures, FIRST...! We mistakenly see them as result/after-effect, instead of their true nature of cause___of all. The fundamental cause of all photonic fundamental motion, is the thermo-hydro-dynamics, of the entire absolute eternal finite matter, and eternal infinite absolute zero K void, of shadow space, mechanics/dyanmics of___The Prime Mover___Peirce's hydrodynamics, and inter-relational motion dynamics of substances and systems.

All life generation is through photonic cycloids, entering soft matters, by the ratios of viscosity of bio-substances, and simply expanding its molecular structure, by the standard laws of relative-motion-physics. The periodic table of elements, and combinations of, controls the capture/exit ratios of all soft and hard substances, atomic and celular structures. Of course, these mechanics are -h unseeable by human observation, but the simple realization of a rock, called Earth, has bio-matter expanding on its surface, and the only possible explaination, is photon # and size shrinkage/expansion, as all know photons are coming in, more than are leaving___just a fact___and the standard laws of physics must apply globally/universally. And, long ago photon collisions in the rock's surface would have first started breaking down its surface, for the later stages of bio-processes. Water was most likely formed from the oort cloud, and most likely formed when our galaxy last collided with another galaxy, colliding another star with ours, and thus producing the fast change in temperatures, required to form the comets, of the oort cloud, and early gravity would have bombarded earth with these comets, thus producing earth's early conditions, for bio-life formations. So, others can do all the maths/algebras needed, to explain and prove...

It's all theory, but it's a theory that explains everything...
I now have the math model also. Will post later...{yesterday} The above logic/math links{top of page} are the math proofs___Peirce/Kauffman/DesCartes/Beechman/Huyghens/Leibniz/Nicolaidis/Perelman. I'll add the rest of my complete interpretations/explainations later...

It's A Complex Inverse Universal Model, to standard theories, totally complimenting all theories, of The Std. Model, QED and QCD, thoroughly explaining The Bio-Life Matrix, Lattices, and Indices Inter-Relationships and Total Physical Motions/Actions of All Boundary/No-Boundary Conditions...

A New Model of The Bio-Life Matrix

Hi Louis, I finally finished reading all four of your wonderful documents on basic and formal logic, and related inter-relational algebras. You’ve done an excellent job of bringing many fields of thinking into the one paper of “Laws of Form.” As I mentioned, I’d review your work, then respond. I especially liked the way you weaved together the thinking of Godel and Dirac. I loved your realization of reentry, necessary for bio-cell divisions. I see you’ve studied more of Peirce than I first thought, yet there is much more he did offer, but I’ll get to that later. I was already familiar with most of the logics, except some of your own personal extensions of, as I’ve studied, I think it’s 137 existing, and have familiarized myself with most, but as an old friend of mine once said, “Two heads is always better than one, even if one is full of ***t.” :-), if you know what I mean. I don’t mean to be too critical but, the place I see needs extending further is your 0^0 = the “mark” sign. Though it’s through no fault of yours, and it does work for an excellent new logic/math model/construction___It doesn’t, as you have also mentioned, confer true meaning to reality, i.e., the old Cantor gauge theory of number, extended on his false premise of the empty set___I discuss this problem later.

Now, in order to understand new models of reality, I think we must find the fundamental fault of the old models, and re-ground them in new truths. Peirce was very explicit in grounding all our ideas in universal truths, totally free of axioms, and this is what I also believe. So, how is it possible to create a new and absolutely true model and math? May I suggest, that due to Cantor’s abstraction of number theory, between 0 and 1, that this should not to be interpreted as all the logic and math between 0 and 1 universe, as many do. Cantor’s gauge theory is only of the infinitesimal, and then, only the abstraction of the empty set, as the final result. The problem with this is, we can’t know if the infinitesimal/infinity set is empty, or not, as was clearly shown by Peirce. Peirce advocated keeping the math infinitesimals, in all future logics/algebras, yet was over-ruled by history. Of course, in recent years, they’ve been brought back, to a degree. But, if we honestly take a thoroughly universal look at the continuum, with the realization, as I mentioned in my first e-mail to you, about Hawking’s already figured total radiation decay of our present finite universe, which he figured/estimated at some 10^137 years of matter’s absolute decay, yet to what? 0 or “8”? (Let the 8 = infinity.) Of course, being sensible beings, we’d realize the final product must be photons to the trillions of power. Then and only then do we have a real universe, in its old first virgin state, to found our theories, maths and logics on. Now, look again at Cantor’s empty set and one quickly realizes, if the virgin universe were totally full of an almost infinite quantity of photons, the empty set, can never be empty. So the truer math for your 0^0 = the “mark” sign, should read, -"8"^"8", i.e., the infinitesimal to the infinite. Of course I’m working my logic from both ends of the universal continuum at once, but from reading your material, I think you can see what I’m meaning. Such a new math model of –"8"^"8", of real and true photons, founds the logics, maths and algebras in solid matter/energy/particle/waves, and nobody can dispute it___It’s then absolutely real…

In my opinion, the entire universe could not possibly have been created from nothing, or even one or two___these are just modern abstract myths. Just as the ancient Greeks and Jains believed, the absolute fundamental substances and motion, absolutely had to be eternally existing, I also do___It’s the only way mathematical logic makes total sense, without the need of axioms___the math says the photons eternally exist. Peirce also showed the impossible logic of the “one”, and had great trouble with the “two”. His meta-logic of the triadic, is the first of his metaphysics of logic making real sense, as he himself readily admitted. That’s why I sent you the example of his triad graph, as I interpreted it. The line was actually representing the infinitesimal infinite amount of free photons,(as in Dirac sea) of the earliest possible universe. Now of course, the instant I put this model on the table, all raise arms in protest, as photons are seen as energy exiting states, but are they? The only ways to create new models, is either find faults with the old, or turn the old on its head___I’ve done both. I’ve found fault with Cantor’s absolute infinity, and fault with Einstein’s space-time continuum, which just happens to have its continuum, gauge theory based on Cantor correspondence. If one be wrong, they both be wrong. Don’t get me wrong, both Cantor’s math and Einstein’s have greatly benefited the world, but to advance further, we must step outside these dated boxes. When we do, a whole new world of opportunities opens to us.

The present model is up-side-down to my analytical perception___By seeing photons as mighty fundamental, and reentering DesCartes’ law of the absolute conservation of the quantity of motion, yet realizing Beechman’s relative motion exists inside DesCartes’ absolute motion, a whole new model of motion is open to us explorers, making it possible to see how nature quantum, and sub-quantumly(photons___the reentry vehicles) creates its cell expansion mechanics. The main point I forgot to mention, in the first e-mail model I sent you, was the hydrodynamics of the infinite zero K void space, that most likely exists, beyond the finite fundamental sub-quantum photonic system, acting on the finite/infinitesimal and quantum system, thus causing the systems' eternal scientific motion. This also comes from Peirce’s yet unpublished geodesic survey study. It still sits in the gov. archives of the Geodetic Survey Headquarters. Those who have studied it say, “It’s the most thorough science they’ve ever seen.” It represents Peirce’s thirty year study of light, gravity, and hydrodynamics. He used pendulums to figure the shape of the earth. He had to make the hydrodynamic and light corrections, for the final scientific results___that’s how meticulous a scientist he was. He even wanted to base our system of weithts and measures on a wavelength of light, for the future’s accuracy, when he worked at the Weights and Measures Standards office, for one or more seasons. Now, referring back to an initial eternal state universe, the prime mover would have been thermo-hydro-dynamic force, from the zero K infinite force, acting on the finite state of an almost infinite number of photons, thus producing our universal state force, of the conservation of absolute motion, presently stable, as described by Helmholtz’s law of conservation of forces, or the first law of thermodynamics, yet also falsely interpreted by him and others, to be zero at infinity, as he figured it to be an open system, when infinity is truly, scientifically, a closing boundary system, when thoroughly reasoned, due to its inherent thermo-hydro-dynamics___All who have accepted the empty set, and the zero force at infinity, have made the universal abstract mistake of false interpretation, to true dynamics___All systems work within all the laws of physics and maths, with these new corrections. This represents the motion mechanics I mentioned in my first e-mail Peirce’ model. BTW, the novelist Walker Percy quite well explained the reentry process psychologically, for humans, in his non-fiction book, “Lost in The Cosmos”, based on Peirce’s semiotics. Now, if you are still interested, I’ll give you my rendition of a new model of the bio-life matrix, I recently worked out, working with another bio-scientist friend of mine. I think it may offer you many new ideas, and connect up a lot of the old ones…

A New Bio-Life Matrix Model…

I again return to Peirce. Why Peirce? One reason___nature requires more than the object, sign and self, to process herself. She requires an index most of all. Peirce clearly showed this with his architectonic system of sciences, and memory storage, we all possess. As I’m sure you are well aware, nature has the periodic table, a possibility matrix, a processing matrix, a lattice, a bio-physical map, a systems operations indices, or whatever one wishes to call it. We as humans couldn’t make much sense unless we had abstractly build our individual storage maps. Intellect would have quite the problem expressing itself clearly without such a map, even though most wouldn’t even realize, they had already automatically created one, either by natural prejudices, or by honest architectural/psychological intent. We, as scientists, store both what we do know, and what we do not know, and hope to add to that don’t yet know side, moving it to the knowing side of our architectonic memory bank. I think you see the importance I place on this indexical system, both in us and in nature’s system’s building mechanics.

How does the proton/electron cell produce another copy of itself, without breaking the No Cloning Theorem, of quantum mechanics? All one need realize is quantum mechanics is only dealing with quantum systems and not sub-quantum true photon size systems. Nature deals as a dynamic sub-quantum system, as is easily seen in photo-syntheses. She so-so visibly turns photons to new protons/electrons of oxygen, by taking in carbon dioxide. It isn’t the proton/electron cloning itself in nature, it’s the forceful little photon, and the hydrodynamics of, making copies of protons/electrons, through the ghost particles of neutrons/positrons. Normally in quantum mechanics, these ghost particles dissipate within 11 hours, for neutrons(except high % neutron elements like beryllium, etc., and possibly neutron stars), and the positrons usually annialate, by some theories, but they are studying quantumly visible systems, and using probability maths and renormalizations, to study systems above the photon’s inter-active forces, to handle the photon’s minimal forces/energies/"mass potentials". Nature’s forces are much more subtle, at the photon’s sub-quantum level, and she’s working in viscous systems of nature, not the gasses, glasses and prisms most quantumists are studying. Viscous systems force light’s photons into very different velocities and inter-actions within the bio-matrix membrane, i.e., frog eggs___a thick goo matrix, yet containing an index___the elemental table___creating such complex diversity of velocity flows, and elemental contacts, that quantum mechanics, when compared with sub-quantum photon mechanics, is truly child’s play. You ask how the DNA and RNAi are transferred from one side of cell division to the other, and I say it doesn’t violate the No Cloning Theorem, because they are not even dealing at this infinitesimal level of true photon actions of evolution.

Lets just follow the path of one photon, of –h, size undetermined, yet known to be real, and see where it goes and how it behaves. We know a seed/cell, in its virgin initial state is inactive, so what happens to make a wet seed different than a dry seed? Once planted in the ground or womb, it’s installed in a new soup of possibilities___a new sub-quantum and quantum state. The photon just passes in, or through, the un-wet seed, or un-fertilized egg, without much inter-action, yet when in its conception state, there’s a new chemistry set in play, that photons can interact with___a truly wet mush. Why the mush theory? Mush viscosity slows the photon velocity to the necessary velocity/spin rate to interact with seed/cell matter structures. Remember above, I stated the absolute conservation of motion/force, and I pertained it to the photon, so if one realizes the total quantity motion of photons is always conserved, per Helmholtz and even DesCartes’s laws of motion, then the photon has a max and min state, velocity and spin, with all states between existing at conserved c. Experiments for 100 years bear these facts out, as to the density of substance slows light. I’ve just added the older ideas to the new physics of a true and absolute conservation of the photon’s quantity of motion. So, the photon either exists as a linear c motion, an angular spin motion, or the combination of shared absolute quantity of total photon motion, always at total c… The evolutionary soup of bio-matter chooses, just by existing in this soup state, the proper velocity spin rate to evolve protons/electrons, in the soup into a cell/seed division of new protons/electrons, by the hydrodynamics of the trillions of photons bombarding the cell/seed soup, thus slowing to the soup/substance/frog egg velocity just right to allow the partial linear/spin velocity to enter the proton, and all its QCD levels, yet only in bio-matter does it continue penetrating(proton conception process) the proton, through the mentioned hydrodynamics until a maximum spin state is forced to excrete new photon states, as neutrons or ghost particles___and all just by quantum/sub-quantum chance/probabilities,(established long ago by periodic table index) of aggregate motions. These ghost particles would become trapped by the photons' entanglement in the bio-process of goo, that doesn’t exist in standard quantum structures, as soft, especially gooey, matter slows photons more than hard. Since the bio-membrane is a special state of nature’s mixing index, the photon motion’s sub-quantum entanglement continues, until the ghost particle neutron is turned into a new proton, with all its frame dragging abilities, to transfer the DNA, RNAi, to the new cell/seed divisions, and build all its QCD. Of course the process of frame dragging and ghost particles into electrons must also happen. This is as good as I can make the initial model, at this time, but I do have the entire mechanics process in my newest notes, but that’s for later. I just noticed I didn’t stipulate a difference in a one photon model above, and many, but you can fill in the blanks, as it’s really trillions of photons building of protons and electrons, plus all the rest of the new cell’s structures…

The main necessity of this model’s workings is the periodic table’s indexing/matrixing/latticing of the sub-quantum actions, at so many different velocities and combinations, I don’t know if the math is even possible. You’d know that much better than I. I’ve looked at perceptron math and eigenvalues, etc., but this seems so complex, that I’ll require more time for that depth, though I do suggest the perceptron algorithms to solve much of the complexities.

Let me know if you can figure this out, and what I may have left out. I’d be glad to answer questions you may have, with any aspect of the model. It’s just a model, but it’s a model that works, and can explain all the actions, so it looks right to me….


Much thanks to Herb Hoche and Louis Kauffman, for their direct help. Of course, much thanks to the master minds all represented here, also, far too many to name...

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