Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Ten Year Model Of Change...

The Inverse Theorem of Value__Iff Capitalist System Incentive Mechanics’ Value Is Transferred From Commodities, Goods, Services, Prices, Wages and Profits, to Fiat Money System Law, Real Wealth Can Be Created for All World Citizens…

Substrate / | \ Superstrate
Moral Science / | \ Contract Science
Mind / | \ Anti-Mind
Metaphysics / | \ Epistemics__Extra-Rational Thought / | \ Rational Thought
The God of How Much Information Man Can Process, Against Collected Information__Geo-Bio-Resistance to Bio-Processing
China's Dead Debt Stabilizes Her Live Debt

Pseudo-education has geared us to look at and into the substrate to procure our wants and needs, while in fact, all this does is produce a super-structure__We now know is destroying the entire living system. For millennia the substrate of the human soul has sustained us well, but now we have reached the pinnacle/apex of its proper functioning__where what's stored in the innate human soul is now castrating our intellectual intelligence. This is why I'm concentrating so much on the superstrate's influence over the substrate.

What we've inadvertently never looked at, is how the innate human soul scientifically functions__yet this is possible, if one just takes the time to look. I'm simply talking about when mind becomes anti-mind, with the evolution of complexity, due to nature's natural resources being depleted__to the point innate human mind and soul must change__or die. The substrate of human soul no longer serves the purpose it did__when resources were plentiful__yet the same superstrate information entered into soul, memory and intellect is not changing on a large enough mind domain, due to battles between minds and anti-minds, metaphysics' extra-rational thought, and epistemics' rational thought__and the even greater battles between moral science and contract science.

This is all being controlled by the God of how much information man can process, against all the collected information controlled by and controlling him__through the greater geo-bio-resistance 'god' to his bio-processing abilities, and all being reflected back into these bio-minds__through the superstrate's superstructure process of China's dead debt stabilizing her live debt processes__against our pseudo-school's outdated substrate interpretations of. China's leading the way with over thirty+ years of government/market integrations__while the West's lost substrate soul and mind tries to figure the entire mess out__without realizing it must process soul and mind as China does__Superstrate to substrate and back to superstrate, on and on, again and again. It's the old 'I Ching' middle way, just as ProfPat has posted about their Trigrams__The triadic understanding rules the world, as it's always looking at the world holistically, when power is not blinded, by over-concentrations on the substrates of pseudo-educations' falsehoods...

We'd soon better awake to the proper soul and mind functions of the superstrate into the substrate__then back out to the new super-structures that are truly being built right in front of our own very blind eyes__China is attempting a 5th generation environmental policy. That means skipping the industrial mess of the West. Of course, right now, it doesn't look too promising, as they are truly the dirtiest nation on Earth__But at least, that's the multi-year plan of the central planning committee. At the least, they are beginning to open their triadic eyes...

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