Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Everybody's Some Kinda' Expert...'

And herein lies the problem. Everyone thinks they are educated to knowledgable levels by being an expert, in some certain field. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are nothing more than informationists of that spectific field. True knowledge requires the cross-disciplinary expertise of an Avicenna or a Peirce, and no-one has knowledge, without this universal view__they're just viewing a very small part of the world. Just look at Plato and Aristotle__a great deal of universal knowledge, but their mistake was narrowing it to specific fields, and not viewing the integration of the whole__Always the problem. True knowledge only exists in the whole__Not the Parts... Parts knowledge is simply information__Yet enough information builds the whole...

This is the trouble with Chomsky__Too much about the parts__Not enough about the whole. He talks constantly of what's wrong with the parts of the world he sees(imo, very little)__But nothing about what the whole can be_can be__Can BE...!!! Please find a new hero__Chomsky ain't it. He's simply the Ross Perot perrot of pseudo-linguistics and pseudo-politics...

Ya know what's amazed me all through the years, is why the world can theorize a gazillion models of physics ideas, yet demand we stick to nothing but the old failed policies of economics, politics and power__instead of having a gazillion models of economics, politics and power. Why is this, do you suppose...?

We all need to realize the dead ideas we are hugging like our new-born children__These are nothing but dead, rotting ideas__Poisoning all minds who cling to these false ideologies. Why can't people see the ideologies poisoning their minds...? The poison about the world, that Chomsky and his ilk spew about the world is obvious hate__and nothing but__Hate of one group against the other__Ain't the way. Study Ibn Sina and Peirce, and you'll find none of this type of hate, as they were educated enough to see the whole__The whole says, "Look at me__I'm free of hate...!!!"

Only when one frees their mind of all__and I mean completely ALL Hate__can one see the truth to guide lil' ol' spaceship Earth into its proper future course. Just think how simple this is__We process all the world's www information with simple web addresses that always preserve information paths. You mean we can't do that simple computerized process with money, politics and power systems? They contain far less information paths to be preserved. I think it's time the world awakens completely from the Hate-Mongers its blindly following__Don't you...???

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