Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Tri-Modal Mechanics of Minds…

"All actionable necessity, is decided by systems' mechanics..." me
"Systems' Control__What can't be done, is more than what can be done..." me
"The space-time metric, is just the measurement tool of space and time..." me
"Universal intelligence is seeing time__Time connects all concepts..." me

The Interesting Questions__What is intelligence…? Is there truly anything that is really classifiable as intelligence…? Our egos have taken these questions for granted so long, we think it ridiculous to even ask such questions__But, is it ridiculous, or possibly the most important series of questions we must ask and answer, to discover any true grounding for any and all of our scientific investigations…? I say it is certainly the most profound and important scientific area of investigation we must explore, to truly understand our selves, and the greater Universe around us…

If we just take all mentality's systems' control, and explore its limits, through its opposing ends of subjective complexity, and objective complexity, all the way to super-objective systems’ complexity, we may begin to see some of these avenues of new groundings, even if these new groundings be in a complete realization of background independencies, not yet realized, in all our information and knowledge systems. Take a look at Robert Plutchik’s emotion diagram:

and one can easily see why any forms of subjective emotional intelligence quickly becomes almost impossible of interpretation or conceptualization, due to the complex inter-connectednesses possible__thus preventing anything but a general reference related to motives of will, or goals. It isn’t that we can’t know all these individual aspects of emotions, it’s just we have no distinct method of separating these many energy sources, from the whole, to make any particular sense of the individual information systems. All we can at most achieve, is to make up just about any scenario we may please, or the origin of the personal private languages, long ago mentioned by Wittgenstein…

Now, let’s look at the objective conceptualizable intellect, and see if we fair any better. Take any object you may wish, internal instinctual systems, or external objects, objective systems, or anything at all that we may form intelligent analysis about, and simply ask; “Do we actually form a true and viable intelligence of these many thousands of information systems, or do we just assemble information scenarios, hypotheses, concepts and simple relationships of…?” Truly look into the depths of your personal and intellectual analysis/es of any and all of the ideas you’ve looked at, or do hold as truths in your mind right now, and see if you really observe intelligence of the objectives and objects represented, or you are really assessing your own personal ego__and how can you seriously tell the difference…?

Now, let me complicate the problem even more by adding in the super-objectivity of the total global systems’ mechanics involved in the entire question, of any scenario, hypothesis, theory or whatever you may set up or think about, and ask what’s the relationships of the subjective systems’ mechanics, with the objective systems’ mechanics, and finally with the super-objective systems’ mechanics. By the super-objective systems’ mechanics I’m talking about all the physical geological, biological, cosmic, chemical, electrical, techtonic, volcanic, earthquake, flood, tsunami, gamma ray blast, resources’ depletions, metals depletions, minerals depletions, economics and contract goals from outside systems, the sun and sun bursts, em field changes, galactic system changes, on and on or whatever… What are the total effects on any single system we may think about, in relation to the interactions of all three of these major systems’ mechanics…? Is it even possible to know any real truth about such complexity on this end of the spectrum either, any more than it is at the bottom end of the emotional and instinctual systems spectrums…? It’s not that we can’t do the conceptual analyses of the individual elements, it’s the fact it’s next to impossible to hold these high number of concept systems’ mechanics’ inter-actions, in perception long enough to gather the accurate information required, to achieve scientific truth. The higher the number of concepts involved, the lower the probabilities of possible successes. The best we achieve, as the numbers of systems increases, is a fuzzy logic, and more fuzzy the higher the elements involved__Yet we and our systems of academics do not seem to take these facts into consideration when designing the definitions of what intelligence may truly be… So, is it truly anything any more clear to defining what intelligence really is than Plutchik’s ideas and complexities of emotional intelligence…?

I think our big egos have a long ways, to climb down out of the sky, to reach any soundness of real ground… There isn’t even any mathematics possible of handling all the complexities I’ve mentioned above__No matter how many computers are tasked to the problem, of finding and defining true intelligence… Intelligence may equate to a ToE, but if we can’t even begin to define intelligence, how can we ever expect to define a ToE…?

The honesty and experience mix, must be looked at much deeper. Truly look at these scenarios, and let me know how you see science having any possibility of defining a truly grounded intelligence__as relates to any possible ToE... The closer to inclusion of everything, the closer to the complexity of everything. The closer to simplicity of everything, the closer to the complexity of everything… You lose, by losing in either direction…

Mentality's Systems' Control__Limits = Subjective Complexity <--> Objective Complexity

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