Friday, October 16, 2009

Emotions, Desires and Ambitions__The Human Condition…

Imo, emotions, desires and ambitions is enough to generally explain the human condition, and its being limited by law and money__which in turn can be developed into a theory to explain the present global capitalist system, and how it can evolve to a better system of engineered law and money_to truly benefit the human condition…

First, just look at your own condition, and compare it to someone your age with a $$$1 billion dollar trust fund. Skip the part about you wouldn’t want the trust fund, and just purely theorize the conditions of liberty and freedoms afforded to the person with the fund much, much larger than yours, and don’t put the moral implications in, just pure theory, first_morals come later. By doing this little experiment, one is quickly confronted with the real limiting factors of one’s own life_by the real laws and money factors involved.

Let me further take this into the abstract theorizing. Iff humans are restrained to action, within the bounds of their own money capacity, and the state is respected to enforce its laws against you breaking them, then we can inverse this process to show that money and law truly do control and limit everyone’s emotions, desires and ambitions. Now, this truly reduces our freedoms more than most are willing to admit, but let’s take the experiment a bit further, by imagining all us humans as mechanical robots__with emotions, desires and ambitions replaced by scientific energy sources of actions. What would be the total energy sources needed to emulate total, and I mean total_personal to scientific and economic, etc._human actions?

These are the questions I asked myself back in the `70’s and `80’s to allow myself to factorially design new governing systems, at least abstractly theorizingly-wise, with both infinite imagination and finite logic__You’d be surprised at the power of such use of the mind__Just try it… Now, take the entire robot model above and emplace it in place of the 6 billion + humans on Earth, and replace the money system with batteries, and the law system with electricity systems to recharge the batteries. Theorize the entire system’s potential to design and operate the real world us humans inhabit, now. By totally thinking this model through, one quickly can realize it’s truly a scientific problem we are up against, and not a strictly speaking human condition, as limited to our emotions, desires and ambitions__But a problem limited to our faulty intellectual assessments of these lesser ideas and problems.

Next, use the analogous model above, yet turn it back and forth between robot and human realities, as you add the necessary changes to the human world, to have it function as a robotic world catering to the human condition and nature’s improvements of the global commons. Let me give a hint of how to do this; Just theorize yourself with $$$100 trillion dollars, yes that’s Trillions I’m speaking of__and self-build a perfect world of law and money function of incentives_protecting against over-debts, inflation and poverty_not just a system that functions for a short time_but for all time_and this is possible__Think... The second clue would be to start with an easy model of absolute price freeze laws world wide, though this is only a temporary theoretic state of mind, to see the greater picture of possible re-engineering of money systems. Next, figure how to add in permanent incentive action laws, and fair wage laws to all, yet connected to the existing over-debted system’s functions_not to crash the existing system.

By exercising the mind in such a way as above, one will quickly realize the new re-engineering powers that must be added to governments’ options, of actions over laws and money, to make such a system function. Remember, this must be a self-liquidating national debt structure system, which when thoroughly viewed, one would realize is a tax-liquidating system also. The final clue to work with is to realize the present 80% competition of free enterprise must be put in competition with a 1/5 government price controlled enterprise system, permanently instituted as a government P.X military style fixed pricing and distribution system, to compete loosely against the 4/5ths totally free system__thus having over time the power to curb all price increases and that old Fear-demon of inflation and hyper-debts.

Let me know if that helps or hurts your theorizing abilities…

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