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East Meets West__Innate Corporatism & Why...?

"Hi can corporations be the best ordered state?? Corporatism is Globalism...."
"...corporatism is the foundation of fascism, slavery, constant consumerism, the creation of enslavement to debt and non-stop merging and immersion into materialism as the only important thing in life..."

Hi Mikal, Leskey and all, and thanks for stopping by as you are all welcome. And Leskey, I also recognized our similar directions of mind, but being new to the site again, I figured I’d see if your interests be perked enough to join us_Thanks.

Now, to answer Mikal’s query as to my statements about corporations. It’s not that I like this position any better than the majority of people on Earth, it’s just the evolutionary reality handed all us awakening webonites, can not be overcome as fast as many would like. Let me just give a simple example/problem with change-too-fast; most all people either own or rent homes_a necessity_This means all such people are already locked into 30+ year mortgages or lifetime rents_i.e._signed contracts already controlling our future actions_next to unchangeable. Next; most all businesses/corporations/govs. have the similar contractual obligations 30+ yrs. into the future. My point is that about 80-90% of the world is already bought and sold(contract wise) to a future many of us do not want__But this fact_we all must face. So, this is a very limiting factual condition on the type of real changes possible. The future contractual obligations, not only of corporations, but most all people's livelihoods as well, are definitely on the line here, in any serious thoughts of social-eco-eco-politico-changes.

Now, don’t get me wrong__change is possible within certain and specific geometric contexts, enabling real benefit to the greater good of society at large_but we must see these simply explained complex realities, and add them to any ideas we are thinking about of real changes possible__Not to destroy the health and safety of our very beings, as culturally evolved systems. And as Leskey has wisely pointed out, and is also a major vision/view of mine, the inter-disciplinary successes of recent are picking up the unification speed far beyond what most are aware of. I’m truly beginning to see academic unifications in many areas of otherwise disparate fields__and ideas within fields being well understood in many areas_as well as the new_since last Sept. `08 crash__a new desire to learn to unite, as we are all trying to do here at ToeQuest. Though I may sound the trumpet of pessimism at times, I also am becoming very optimistic about what I see happening. I on the one hand see it separating, yet on the other hand see it coming together__Only time will tell.

As far as relating more about your statements above Mikal, and which I expressed to my daughter in that last post, it would be due to the future contractual obligations, already in place, that requires us to transitionally evolve through a new and much better balanced form of corporate capitalism_as bad as globalism and excess consumerism are_than to bring the whole house of cards down around our necks, which may happen anyway, by trying to jump capitalism further and faster than is possible to mechanically/functionally take place__That land of danger of ‘Change Too Fast’ is real__Many nations have tried that in the past, and look what happened. But within, the system is malleable to__by sensible standards__massive middle road changes. One must realize that most all arguments are taking place between two extreme sides of all issues__And no-one’s advocating for the true, and almost invisible, middle position, which is my position. No-one on the international scene, web or anywhere I know of has actually drawn up a detailed middle way ‘capitalist’ path since J.M.Keynes way back in the `20’s and `30’s__Every political party, in every nation, has simply been arguing against the extreme opposites, leaving the argument ‘For’ any middle path_completely in a void__No-Body Home…! That’s the place we all need stand, and fight to design and implement new and feasible middle-way systems.

I will be getting to that middle-way geometric structured system later, but for now lots of the fundamental questions must be talked and answered. SB has posed many over on Labelwench’s thread… Just as a final note on your concerns above__many of your fears can be eliminated if we evolve the true middle-way possibility, to whittle the corporate dragon down to sensibly functioning standards, and more sharing of their resources for individuals and the common good, while taking better care of the Global Commons…

Quote:"I have faith that not all of us are pushed by the adrenaline of fear...some are pushed by good common sense and others have turned fear into courage and strength. I do believe we can persevere through change!"

And I agree with these above statements completely, and not to make this post any longer for now, I end here with a big thanks to all participants…rrr

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(Conversation that preceded the above:...)
The only problem is Sb, we've had a world that's already tried that, and we know it doesn't work, nor can it work__in the world as thus far financially evolved. My daughter took a look at all my economic system charts one day, and immediately recognized its expressive values and truths, but upon looking closer she noticed I'd shown the most perfect state possible with corporations still having slightly more rights and money than the people, even in what I'd relayed as the fairest state possible.

She then asked why I'd represented the best ordered state as such, and I simply said, even as bad as we may dislike certain actions of the most powerful, they must have more to pay us a middle way fair wage. If not, what would be their incentive to build the businesses that employ most of us. She, recognizing the dynamics said, Ohhhh. All have to be fair and recognize the necessities of all, including the necessities of building much more fair law systems, than we now have. It's a rather serious affair...

I wish it were as easy as one wage, but Mao proved that impossibility long ago. Now, that doesn't mean we can't work to improve systems to the point that one day, we can do away with money systems, but reality requires a transition system of sensible laws to arrive there, without us all killing each other, in the process. So, it's more complex than simplicity, yet no where's near as complex as our academic and financial communities have mistakenly made it.

The problem SB is the adrenalized fear state of all humanity, and it's getting worse, the faster, faster, faster we go...rrr

You may have faith in the human condition improving. I have zero faith in the human condition improving. Even the most enlightened Zen Buddhists estimate that only about 1 to 3% of the world has ever been enlightened, at any one time, and none expect the numbers to improve. Adrenalized fear is immune to change without force, and I don't mean violent force, per say, but a large enough group of people demanding the unfair laws be changed, to the fair and much more equitable laws, but that means everyone wanting change must agree on a feasible system of laws first, and that even seems near impossible to even me, but law change only takes a very small % of the society to accomplish just that...
"To develop the skill of correct thinking is in the first place to learn what you have to disregard. In order to go on, you have to know what to leave out; this is the essence of effective thinking." Kurt Godel
"Time and space are modes in which we think and not conditions in which we live." Albert Einstein
"The uncertainty principle is an absolute, finite, universal constant." L.G.
"The tick-tick-tick of the cesium atom is a sliding-time-scaler constant of all finite universal motion." L.G.

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