Sunday, March 29, 2009

Potential Photon Mass...?

As to mass, I've always argued the photon had to possess potential mass, otherwise it wouldn't radiate from matter(Potential mass, IMO, would turn to real mass inside the atom's structure, i.e., inside protons, electrons, neutrons, positrons and neutrinos___the QCD mechanics potentials). What I see is photons enter protons, etc., spin faster, accumulate by wave super-symmetry cloning, build mass within the QCD structure, and finally reach thermo-hydro-dynamic entropy and radiate, just as do jet galaxies___possibly like micro-black-holes. Just my theory, but seems to isomorphically fit the maths. I'm an old race-car mechanic, so I'm just looking for the simplest best working mechanics, to this universal engine :-)

What I've recently discovered is the isomorphic links between most all universal formulas and laws to most all universal systems and models of. So far, this seems to be true all the way back to Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, Kepler, Newton, Leibniz, up to Peirce, Einstein and Godel, etc. Systems I've worked with for years are falling into place under this realization. Most of it is monadic, dyadic, triadic and a few p-adic principles, from the earliest of Pythagoras' Triadic Principle___The Law of Mean Terms___"Mean terms are required between opposites", to Peirce's triadic logics and maths of the early 20th century. The isomorphic mappings are taking me by surprise, as to how many links I am making, especially by using Pythagoras' triangle of triadic logics___1.Intuition, 2.Logic, 3.Arithmetic, on into the 'Golden Ratio', 'Golden Mean', 'Golden Variable', and 'Golden Triangle' of Kepler. As long as proper maths are applied to these triads, there's no problem with intuition existing in all truth and logic relations, thus making them into a possible new isomorphic logic, I've named, "Aneology".

Anyway, just thought I'd throw that in, as the maths we'll be needing, require much updating, and since my findings show the isomorphisms, not yet exposed by others, as to universal formulas(isomorphically) and laws possibly applying beyond the finite, this may work, to extend our ontological dialogic capacities. I'm already building new triadic to monadic(and dyadic to triadic in other areas) economic-social structures and laws with the inter-relations of linguistic geometry to systems laws and models.

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